Eurobeat ! Almost Eurovision Wed 1st Oct-2nd Oct 7.15pm


This week, the Blue Lounge at New Brighton Floral Pavilion, will welcome Eurobeat! It will be transformed into a packed capital city arena, as screaming fans wave flags for their Eurovision superstars.

This is a theatre experience like no other, fun, laughter and musical entertainment, and I aim to be there.

Here in sunny Sarajevo, for the greatest, gaudiest celebration of dodgy Europop.

This is a mock Eurovision competition containing almost everything you expect from a Eurovision final.
This riotously entertaining musical smorgasbord is a glorious and dazzling homage to the biggest annual song contest in the world.

On arrival, if you wish to experience this magical musical festival, you will be assigned a country. You’ll then be whisked across Europe to Sarajevo where your hosts, Boyka and Sergei guide you.
Ten countries compete for the vote. But like Eurovision, you can’t vote for your own country!

It’s all a musical banquet, a glamour-fest, a political minefield, with acts representing an eclectic mix of countries.

Written by Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson, it’s a production that’s gained multiple five star awards.

It is impossible not to love this.

It’s hilarious in song and dance routines but certainly one competition you won’t want to miss out on.

We have the Swedish pop group entry Avla, the Russian boy band KGBoiz, the Hungarian triplets, the Molnar Sisters with powerful folk music (sung in Hungarian of course) and the heartfelt longing of the song for Ireland presented by Ronan Corr.

The event is reinvented every night as the audience dictates who the winners are.

If you love the Eurovision Song Contest then go to see this show and if you don’t, go to see it anyway…it’s colourful, it’s funny and a fun night out. It’s got something for everyone, supported by brilliant technical wizardry.
Don’t miss……..Eurobeat!

Floral Pavilion, Marine Promenade, New Brighton.

Council starts consultation on libraries – let your voice be heard!


The first of a series of meetings encouraging Liverpool residents to have their say on the future of 11 community libraries is set to take place this week

The first public meeting will take place from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 25 September at the Lee Valley Millennium Centre, Childwall Valley Road, L25 2PR. This is an opportunity for the libraries team to talk about why certain libraries in that particular area are at risk and also for people to ask questions and have their say on the proposals for the service.

A report into the proposed library service identified 11 libraries which could be at risk of closure if alternative and viable ways of delivering services from these buildings cannot be found.

A number of discussions are already underway with interested parties about taking over the running of some of the venues which are Breck Road, Dovecot, Fazakerley, Kensington, Lee Valley, Old Swan, Sefton Park, Spellow, Walton, Wavertree and West Derby libraries.

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member responsible for libraries, Councillor Wendy Simon, said: “The scale of the cuts facing us is extremely challenging and we want to make sure we’ve explored all the options available.

“We understand that libraries are hugely valued by the local community, and these meetings are a vital way in which members of the public can express their views and also find out from the team involved why certain proposals have been made.

“I hope as many people as possible are able to attend either Thursday’s, or one of the later meetings so that we can work together as much as possible to shape the future of Liverpool’s library service.”

Further meetings will take place in the forthcoming weeks and will be announced as the soon as the dates and venues are confirmed.

Under the proposals, 95 percent of people will still live within two miles of a library and the Home Library Service and the RNIB Talking Book Service will not be affected.

The city council would continue to run Central Library – which is used by 45 percent of library users – and seven community libraries: Croxteth, Norris Green, Toxteth, Childwall, Allerton, Garston and Parklands

Liverpool has 19 public libraries in total. The 11 libraries at risk of closure if alternative and viable ways of delivering the services from these buildings cannot be found, are:

  • Breck Road Library
  • Dovecot Library
  • Fazakerley Library
  • Kensington Library
  • Lee Valley Library
  • Old Swan Library
  • Sefton Park Library
  • Spellow Library
  • Walton Library
  • Wavertree Library
  • West Derby Library

They are potentially at risk because of a number of factors including below average use, high running costs, their proximity to another library and the potential of the service being provided by another organisation or group.

‘The Last Train to Auschwitz’ Epstein Theatre Thurs 25th-Sat 27th September………


This summer I made my second visit to Auschwitz as part of an educational tour conducted by the Polish Government, in a programme of educational awareness for British teachers of history.

One historical lecture during the course of the week, focused upon the Holocaust with discussions in the morning, and a visit to the camp in the afternoon, with guide. Lessons learned that day or not became the order of the day, with thoughts on recent atrocities in Bosnia, Rwanda and Syria, to name a few, still taking place!

The afternoon follow-up gave us the tour of the actual site itself…..Auschwitz. It’s a depressing, reflective, thought provoking journey in which the physical buildings and photographic images stationed around the site, torment and rekindle the imagination. It’s a time capsule, a place stood still for all to see and imagine the horrors that took place. It’s a place every child in Israel visits during their lifetime. Empathy, is an historical skill in understanding. The bleak buildings portray a picture of the life an inmate lived. It was a visit that should be on every school in the world’s bucket list, with an aim of giving the individual an understanding of just how far mankind can delve into a depravity against other fellow humans. We all felt something emotionally numbing after that tour.

Visits like this to Krakow, Poland however, and ‘The Auschwitz Tour’ cannot be financially approved by schools and public. A visit to the Epstein Theatre to see this play may, set emotions high and give an understanding of the true Holocaust story. In this harrowing look at the journey of several people, we see a story unfold before our eyes as they roll ever closer to their grim destiny.

Historically, Joseph Goebbles’ herded scores of Berlin Jews into the Grundwald Railway Station Berlin, under the pretext of protecting them from air raids. Entire families were crammed into overcrowded freight trucks without food, or drink and forced to endure a journey to their death.

Over the next three days; superb acting from some of the UK’s best performers, will give us a unique, fly on the wall glimpse of the wretched conditions and endurance the inmates of a lone carriage endured. This highly emotionally charged play lets you into the minds of the lone inmates of…
Der Letzte Zug…..
a play with Crissy Rock leading an outstanding cast appearing in ‘The Last Train to Auschwitz’ by Jo Mac at the Liverpool Epstein Theatre, Hanover Street. 08448884411

The play itself, tells the story of a group of women’s journey into hell.
A place where dreams die first and nightmares become a reality with every day a fight for survival against the pangs of hunger and the fear of the Gas chambers.
Some will loose the battle of survival, others will live to tell the tale and seek the justice for their lost loved ones.


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