Transmitting Andy Warhol at Tate Liverpool until Feb 8th.


Since his death in 1987, the popularity in Andy Warhol’s work has rocketed especially with the reawakening of all things Sixties.

The soup can art which baffled millions, now speak for themselves as the ultimate icons of that mad crazy decade, when every barrier was pushed to the limit. A visit to the Tate Liverpool this weekend, will give you an exposure to the work of Warhol like no other!

I enjoyed this exhibition. It’s very much an Andy Warhol exhibition with ozzings of the artists delights in a very dizzying array of media offerings such as films, books, record covers, TV adverts and music.

The exhibition really takes you into the artists world and helps you engage in a multiple platform of art. You are immediately immersed into a world of recycled images from advertising, the news and other art forms.

The exhibition takes you on a Warhol journey, with extracts of his early career as a commercial artist and it is here that you gain a taste and insight into the mind of the future artist.

Warhol, the exhibition, shows how he expanded the definition of what an artist is.

There is no shortage of Warhol paintings at this show, no bland whitewashed walls setting off a display here and there, but monstrous day-glo Marilyn Monroe’s interwoven with pop art and pop music, giving you the epitome of one of the most intriguing and influential personalities of the past century. A character, who from humble backgrounds in working class Pittsburgh rubbed shoulders with the likes of Salvador Dali, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall and others in an effort to share his experiences through paintings, magazines and TV.

A practice every teenager does today through social media, he was doing 50 years ago on a grander scale.

Love it or hate it, it’s art history and Campbell’s Soup Cans will never be the same! This weekend, if you have the time, take time to discover an iconic artist in one of the best art exhibitions around the region this season.

Is this Liverpool’s most exciting new arts venue?

ATT_1415537805297_20141108_144352Newsham Park Hospital Seaman’s Orphanage opens its doors to Liverpool artists

Something special has come to Liverpool this weekend. The first gathering of Liverpool artists of its type in this haunting old building, the exhibition includes artwork, sculptures, photography and even performance art. Every kind of artist is represented here in this great community-based event, from established artists to emerging ones and even local students. Newsham Park Hospital itself is an inspired setting for an exhibition and it’s wasted old halls and wards (some filled with ominous looking equipment) provides an extraordinary backdrop for the work on display.

I caught up with artist and organiser Anna di Scala on the opening day and asked her how the whole thing came about. She told me how she and friend Angie had used Facebook to get things organised. Anna told me, “We wanted to organise an event for the whole of Liverpool. We noticed that galleries were taking artists from other parts of the country and pushing Liverpool artists out, so I did as much as I could to get Liverpool artists on board – and children, of course.”

About the building, Anna said that it was pretty straightforward after Angie asked the owner. Unbelievably, the whole event was put together in just six weeks. “The building itself is something to see before the artwork, so everything you see is a piece of art in itself. Every artist who’s set foot through the doors has been inspired and there’s new art being created on the back of it” Anna would love to run further events and would love to bring in some of her artist friends from Italy and Spain. She told me, “I hope this is just the beginning of a big art venue.”

I was thrilled to see a wide demographic of people all dressed up in their winter woollies who’d come to see the event and this was reflected in the artists whose work was on display, from children to pensioners. I talked to a couple of the artists who had work on display. Mark Sheeky, whose Dali-esque work sits next to Anna’s in the main hall was enthusiastic about bringing art to the community and would love to see more of it. Mark told me, “Considering it’s over 60 artists in quite a short amount of time, it’s quite an achievement.” And I couldn’t agree more.

I also spoke to Hope University student Andrew Trimble who is exhibiting for the first time. Andrew’s work is nestled into an old hospital ward cubicle and he said the space had inspired his choice of work to display.

I was so excited about the exhibition that I even bought my own piece from one of my favourite street artists Love ArtUK.

The exhibit ends today, Sunday 9th November, so get down there if you can. If you can’t, then lets hope the next exhibition in the amazing space is with us really soon.


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Sony World Photographic Awards and a new exhibition at Open Eye Gallery.


If you happened to view the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards at Liverpool One this summer, then you would have been impressed by the very best of contemporary photography. This exhibition was one of the biggest of its kind featuring an electric mix of imagery in current events, wildlife, landscape, portraiture, travel and more.

The Sony awards certainly cultivate a photographic culture!

You may also have viewed the pictures and said, “Well, I can take pictures, so lets have a go”….. Now is your chance to become that David Bailey, because the call has gone out for the 2015 entries with the categories…….

Professional- for serious photographers.
Open- for amateurs and enthusiasts.
Student- for those studying photography.
Youth- for those aged 19 and under.
Choose your category but be quick as the entry closes 05/01/2015.

For that inspiration and kick start, a must is a visit to the Open Eye Gallery at Mann Island to see the UK Premier of Robert Heinecken’s “Lessons in Posing Subjects”.

Although he rarely used a camera, Heinecken (1931-2006) is widely regarded as one of the most influential photographers of post-War America, describing himself as a ‘para-photographer’ operating at a Pop and Conceptual Art Level. It’s not surprising that the exhibition of well over 250 photographs alongside sketchbooks and magazine cuttings are on display and linked to the Tate’s ‘Transmitting Andy Warhol’ exhibition.

This photographic exhibition is well worth a visit and focuses on the polaroids Heinecken took between 1976 and 1982 with a SX-70 camera. All has been produced in partnership with the Wiels (Brussels) and Fri-Art Centre d’art Frieburg/Kunsthalle Germany.

A trip to the Open Eye Gallery and the Tate this weekend to see Robert Heinecken’s work will certainly refresh……

Open Eye Gallery
7th Nov-11th Jan 2015 Tues-Sun 10.30am-5.30pm


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