Liverpool’s St George’s Hall have announced the return of the popular Catacombs Tours from Mon 16th – Sat 21st March, exploring the darker heart of Liverpool’s most celebrated and historic building. The theatrical events sent chills down the spine of thousands of people who attended the two runs of tours last year. Tickets are now on sale and should sell fast.

Theatrical company Lovehistory Ltd are set to return with a whole host of actors portraying new characters and new stories from Liverpool’s murderous past. Experience The Catacombs of Liverpool’s Darkest History and peel back the layers of yesteryear to reveal what lies within the heart of St George’s Hall’s dark past.

Alan Smith, St George’s Hall Manager said,The popularity of these tours has been incredible with over 4000 people attending and it is wonderful to see these previously unused areas animated in such a way for public use. It shows Liverpool’s love of its history and its fascination in exploring its many beautiful buildings.”

The promenade performances explore the court room and dark cells below the grandness of the Great Hall, where those waiting to be condemned would spend their final moments and in the shadows of Liverpool’s past, spectators will encounter the characters that will tell their tormented tales and illuminate their history.

The Catacombs were previously used as billeting quarters for police and the army during transport strikes, or as a food dispensary and water store during the Second World War, the catacombs and basement galleries will now take on a new and dramatic lease of life.

Join Liverpool’s own premier theatrical performance company Lovehistory for a unique theatrical experience.  Lovehistory have perfected the art of promenade theatre and the dramatic murder mystery experience with dinners within the Great Hall throughout the year and will now create some further spellbinding tours which are a must see for all ages.

See Liverpool’s history exposed like never before from the dark and twisted underbelly of St George’s Hall.

For further information please visit or



The Catacombs of Liverpool’s Darkest History

St George’s Hall, Heritage Centre Entrance, St John’s Lane, Liverpool.

Monday 16th – Saturday 21st March 2015 (Exc Thu)

Time: 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm, 8.15pm

(Approximately one hour in duration)

Tickets: £15.00 (No booking fee)

(Capacity 40 people per tour)

Purchase in person at TicketQuarter, Queen Square, Liverpool. Online at or call 0844 800 0410.


‘That’s Amore’ Unity Theatre. Thurs-Saturday 31st Jan. 8pm


Hold on tight for this dream like fairy-tale of love with all the trimmings! Hats off to the well established ‘Tmesis’ theatre which brings a night of refreshing dance theatre; intricate, fast paced and with a dash of athleticism and humour.

This fast-paced, passionate and poignant piece of physical theatre explores the vast world and culture of romantic love: from chance encounters to hidden desires, and emotional extremes to the science of romance.

Discover before your eyes, the flesh and philosophy behind what makes our hearts beat faster.
This theatre is certainly athletic and gutsy, dealing with the loss of, and longing for love, with a punch of strong visual style.

I enjoyed this piece of ‘power’ entertainment, with a great deal of sentimentality. I left with a head full of butterflies, riding on a cloud of elation having explored the light and dark sides of love in a playful and in some ways deeply personal show.

This show, combines the Tmesis trademark physically, and has an ensemble of professional performers along with a text from long term collaborator and award winning writer, Chris Fittock. Applause must go to the stunning backdrop of visuals and combination of popular and original scores which add perfume to the bouquet of love that’s amore.

You will love this show and beg for more; it’s a blast of dynamic entertainment that thrills the inners and injects the fun in your mind as you identify, engage and disengage with this high octane journey through love.

If you miss a viewing this week at the Unity then checkout, The Rose Theatre, Edge Hill University Ormskirk, The Brindley, Runcorn.

This is one show not to be missed!
……….erotic, chaotic but hypnotic!

Unity Theatre Liverpool, 08448732888
£12, £10 (£8 Sat Matinee)

Express Hot-Yoga in Liverpool steams away!!!!!


Yes, you too can experience the ‘hot yoga’ classes in Liverpool, so called because the temperature in the room regularly hits 35c, which apparently helps the release of toxins.

Liverpool’s newest, warm-up, chill out is overflowing with eager new recruits, keen to replicate that bottom!… or be adjusted with invigorating ‘hands-on’ or occasionally with ‘body-on’ assistance.

This has taken Liverpool by storm and sports centres are thriving with the influx.
Like Thai massage, physio or sports massage that pushes and pulls, presses and massages and leans on and lies on and stretches from one position to another, until the benefits are duly felt; hot yoga certainly reaches the parts other yoga sessions don’t.

Liverpool Yoga Hub, 21 Old Hall Street, L3: at, offers all you need for an afternoon workout session or even a workout during your lunch break, a session time which has become extremely popular in the last few weeks.

I can tell you, the concentration it takes to maintain a warrior pose in 40 degree heat should be enough to flush out any lingering work issues from your mind and it’s a great way to begin a health conscious year.

The founders behind Liverpool’s Yoga Hub know why they offer Express Hot Yoga sessions every lunch time for the stressed-out employees of the city’s business district.
Designed to keep you energised and motivated for the rest of the day, the prescribed cardio and mental workout, all in a 45/60 minute session can be tailored to your timetable with beneficial life enhancing results.
Practised in India, yoga is very much hands-on and very physical, so if you’re up to having one arm pulled very firmly towards a back wall while pushing your body hard in the opposite direction then for £9 a session, Liverpool Hot Yoga is for you.

Just keep breathing says the experts, you can cure anything with your breath. You see, the experts tell me, that you use concentration, and forcing your breath through different channels ….the whole basis of yoga, releases the blockages, genetic, mental and physical, until you receive a yogic awakening.

So, get up close and personal for an extensive- push, pull, press, hold and grasp, the Liverpool yogi way.

I did, and I’ll go again as soon as I can move my arms and legs again properly.


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