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The Epstein’s Youthful Magical ‘Now Festival’


‘Rebellion’ the all girl rock band, are just one of the latest local groups to hit the Mersey scene. These 15yr old youngsters from across Liverpool; trained in classical music, then turned their hand to the rock sound in a bid to connect with Mersey youth over an issue seldom spoken of.

Working closely with a number of organisations such as the British Council ‘Connecting Classrooms’ Critical Thinking Project, Liverpool Lighthouse Music Hub, ‘Time To Change’ mental health project and the Merseyside Youth Association, they creatively delivered an innovative socially inspiring message about mental health, through words and music in a dynamic way.

‘Rebellion’s’ key message through the project, is that they hope to raise awareness and promote positive mental health and well-being especially with the youth who at times find it impossible to share their feelings and anxieties.

The Liverpool NOW Festival gave this group of Polish girls, the chance to engage and develop new ways of working and cooperating with individuals, groups and communities.

This Festival has given, local children and young people the opportunity to showcase their original live performances and films devised around the theme of Mental Health on Wednesday 10th February and Thursday 11th Feb.

NOW! Young People’s Arts Festival features youths aged 8-18 from 14 Liverpool schools and youth organisations who have performed with guest artists Darren Suarez, Maurice Bessman and Carl Cockram along with a number of organisations including the Ariel Trust, CAMHS Wellbeing Partnership and Brighton University..
Be there and be seen!!!!

Liverpool Epstein Theatre 6.30pm £5 Wed 10th/Thursday 11th

Forthcoming events at St George’s Hall


As our beautiful weeping poppies leave the steps of St George’s Hall, I took at look at the events that are being held in this magnificent building over the coming months.  Not only is this building a magnificent venue and right in the heart of the city but it also has events to suit everyone from beer festivals, choral singing, ceilidhs, chamber music, Alice in Wonderland experience and a performances by the rising opera star Yunpeng Wang. All this in the next few weeks!

Check it out and don’t miss out!

It’s Liverpool!

Happy Days


Big Mouth 18th-23rd January!


Look out for this one next week and be sure to engage!

Each evening from 18th January, an illuminated orb will appear in central Liverpool, within which a human mouth appears to silently repeat and absorb the deepest thoughts and secrets of the public.

This awesome ‘Big Mouth’ mobile installation, aims to tempt participants to speak in confidence (Oh….Yes in Liverpool!) away from the superficial veneer of social dialogue (pigs might fly).

These thoughts are then displayed on the 360 degree projection, before being transformed into demons, carrying the negative burden of harboured truths away into another world!

Joke Ye not with this one!

I’ve seen this performed in other cities and its’ a mega laugh when played out to the full.

The extremely experienced arts team ‘Meyouandus’ specialise in technically complex public arts projects using state of the art technologies to enhance artistic and human exchange in public spaces.

When I introduced this idea and the art company ‘Meyouandus’ to colleagues….they LOL…. but it is good…… and it will not disappoint…. a definite good laugh, see for yourself as Big Mouth appear on and around Church Street in Liverpool City Centre from 4pm each day next week.

Be sure not to miss this fantastic interdisciplinary art work and a novel beginning to this New Year’s street art programme!


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