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China Kaleidoscope a Confucius Institute Performance.


Hundreds of Merseyside pupils were witness to a stunning performance at Liverpool University’s Mountford Hall today, when the troupe of outstanding students majoring in Martial Arts and Art Performance from the Capital University of Physical Education China, showed off their fantastic skills, to perfection.

This UK Tour, is committed to a display of Chinese traditional culture and a deepening cultural exchange by martial arts and dance. Well, today it certainly hit the spot with this young audience.

All praise goes to the Liverpool Confucius Institute who organised this performance tour, and for transforming the Liverpool University’s Mountford Hall into a dazzling array of fast paced performance acts with split second high kicks and acrobatic somersaults, as this professional Chinese group leaped to and fro across the stage, all to the sound of magnetic drum beats and well timed lighting.

The whole afternoons programme oozed with cultural splendour and excited both child and adult alike.

Halfway through this gripping production, the Chinese Olympic Champion medallist gave a demonstration of martial arts, showing the traditional etiquettes and basic movements and invited the children on stage to partake in the demonstration.

Performances showed the origin of martial arts and as the story goes, in order to survive in the past, humans had to fight against the beasts. We witnessed in one performance, a fight between humans and beasts, with the Humans defeating the beasts by their intelligence and martial arts skills.

In another dance sequence, called Warriors Triumphal Dance, they showed in artistic performance, both the braveness and beauty of women soldiers.

Every act and visual portrayal of exotic moves, showed the expertly choreographed eye, mouth and head movement of the dancers, which in every move, told a story, all to the rhythmical beats and tones of the haunting background Chinese melodies.

This was a fantastic afternoon, showing the beauty of Chinese dance, music and culture.

Today, Mandarin is one of the most up and coming languages today and the Liverpool University has taster courses to suit all.
I was surprised at so many schools in Liverpool both Primary and Secondary that had taken up the challenge of Mandarin, and taken a trip to see todays performance.

They were both educated and inspired by todays performance, to experience and deepen their cultural understanding and awareness of China.

More information, visit:
or call: 0151 795 0551



Photographer Mike McCartney officially opened his new exhibition at St George’s Hall Liverpool on Friday evening with the iconic venue as the focus.  Entitled, Mike McCartney Luvs St George’s Hall, the exhibition runs until Sunday, 18 October.

The evocative exhibition features 60 fascinating images depicting the Liverpool landmark and spans more than half a century – from the 1960s through to the present day.  All of the images have been taken by self-taught photographer Mike, alongside a small selection of his favourite shots of the stunning Grade I Listed building.

The exhibition will also mark the opening of a further public area in the fascinating Catacombs, which run underneath St George’s Hall. This is a new gallery space, never before open to the public.

71-year-old Mike’s career has taken an illustrious path through music and the arts.  The father of six lives with his family on the Wirral.

The Merseybeat era played a huge role in Mike’s life. He was one third of cult 1960s band Scaffold, alongside Roger McGough and John Gorman. Widely known for their satirical comedy act, things took a turn towards the music charts in 1967 when Mike penned their first Top 5 hit single, Thank U Very Much – a favourite of the Queen Mother and the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

This was followed in 1968 by another hit song, Lily The Pink which reached the Number One spot and stayed at the top of the charts for five weeks. Already photographing fellow bands at this time, Mike was nicknamed ‘Flash Harry’ by The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein for always using a flash gun for his live pictures.

Mike is just as famous for his art as his music and poetry. He has staged exhibitions across the world, including Japan, America and Canada

Mike’s photographs resulted in the National Trust restoring and opening 20 Forthlin Road as a tourist attraction. This is Mike’s childhood home in Liverpool, which he shared with his older brother Paul.

Mike’s photographs have also been featured in Q Magazine’s Greatest Rock and Roll Photographs of All Time, and have been shown worldwide on MTV’s Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Pop Songs programme.

Two real honours for Mike are having 11 of his photographs bought for the nation and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London; and also personally greeting the Queen at the Museum Of Liverpool to show her his exhibition, Mike McCartney’s Liverpool.


Mike McCartney Luvs St George’s Hall

St George’s Hall, St George’s Place, Liverpool, L1 1JJ (North Entrance via Heritage Centre)

Running until Sun 18 October

10am-5pm Daily

Entrance fee: £2.50 payable on door.

Exciting pre-Edinburgh fringe event at The Lantern Theatre, 27 July – 2 August

Shiny New 15 Line Up

Shiny New Festival returns to Lantern Theatre Liverpool for its fourth year!

Lantern Theatre Liverpool is playing host to its annual pre-Edinburgh theatre event Shiny New Festival for the fourth year this July.  From 27 July – 2 August audiences will be treated to 3 shows a night from the North West’s top fringe talents. The festival, founded in 2012 by Shiny New Director Pete Mitchelson in association with the Lantern has gone from strength to strength in the past four years and this years line up is not to be missed. With an eclectic mix of performances from new writing to bouffon clowning there is something for everyone at Shiny New Festival.

This years line up includes an exciting new collaboration with Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival.  Four plays from the Manchester festival will be transferring to the Lantern in the first collaboration of its kind in the North West.  Annika Edge of 24:7 Theatre Festival says, “This exciting collaboration connects two unique festivals and demonstrates there are further opportunities for new plays in the North West.”

Acts that audiences can expect to see throughout the festival include Teatro Pomodoro, Man with a Porpoise and Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire who recently enjoyed success in Liverpool’s Physical Fest.  There will also be a whole host of new writing for audiences with plays focusing on the marriage of Frank Sinatra and Ava Garner (One For My Baby) society’s increasing use of social media (Follow/Unfollow) or a comic play based on what is seen by cleaners in an office (Cleaners).

Full line up and ticket details can be found on Lantern Theatre Liverpool’s website at Tickets range from £6-10 with savings for anyone who would like to see all three shows in one day. Get your tickets fast for what is certain to be an exciting week.


Here’s the full line up:

Monday 27th July

7pm              Follow/Unfollow

8.15pm         Not the Horse

9.30pm         Madness Sweet Madness


Tuesday 28th July

7pm              Follow/Unfollow

8.15pm         Not the Horse

9.30pm         Madness Sweet Madness (24:7)


Wednesday 29th July

7pm              Cleaners

8.15pm         Shiny New Comedy Special

9.30pm         We are the Multitude (24:7)


Thursday 30th July

7pm              Follow/Unfollow

8.15pm         One for my Baby

9.30pm         Gary: A Love Story (24:7)


Friday 31st July

7pm              Farruchio Peru is Extraordinaire

8.15pm         Untitled Shakespeare

9.30pm         The Plant


Saturday 1st August

12.30pm       The Plant (24:7)

2pm              We are the Multitude (24:7)

7pm              Farruchio Peru is Extraordinaire

8.15pm         Resurrection Half Price

9.30pm         Untitled Shakespeare


Sunday 2nd August

12.30pm       Gary: A Love Story (24:7)

7pm              Farruchio Peru is Extraordinaire

8.15pm         Resurrection Half Price

9.30pm         Untitled Shakespeare



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