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Exciting pre-Edinburgh fringe event at The Lantern Theatre, 27 July – 2 August

Shiny New 15 Line Up

Shiny New Festival returns to Lantern Theatre Liverpool for its fourth year!

Lantern Theatre Liverpool is playing host to its annual pre-Edinburgh theatre event Shiny New Festival for the fourth year this July.  From 27 July – 2 August audiences will be treated to 3 shows a night from the North West’s top fringe talents. The festival, founded in 2012 by Shiny New Director Pete Mitchelson in association with the Lantern has gone from strength to strength in the past four years and this years line up is not to be missed. With an eclectic mix of performances from new writing to bouffon clowning there is something for everyone at Shiny New Festival.

This years line up includes an exciting new collaboration with Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival.  Four plays from the Manchester festival will be transferring to the Lantern in the first collaboration of its kind in the North West.  Annika Edge of 24:7 Theatre Festival says, “This exciting collaboration connects two unique festivals and demonstrates there are further opportunities for new plays in the North West.”

Acts that audiences can expect to see throughout the festival include Teatro Pomodoro, Man with a Porpoise and Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire who recently enjoyed success in Liverpool’s Physical Fest.  There will also be a whole host of new writing for audiences with plays focusing on the marriage of Frank Sinatra and Ava Garner (One For My Baby) society’s increasing use of social media (Follow/Unfollow) or a comic play based on what is seen by cleaners in an office (Cleaners).

Full line up and ticket details can be found on Lantern Theatre Liverpool’s website at Tickets range from £6-10 with savings for anyone who would like to see all three shows in one day. Get your tickets fast for what is certain to be an exciting week.


Here’s the full line up:

Monday 27th July

7pm              Follow/Unfollow

8.15pm         Not the Horse

9.30pm         Madness Sweet Madness


Tuesday 28th July

7pm              Follow/Unfollow

8.15pm         Not the Horse

9.30pm         Madness Sweet Madness (24:7)


Wednesday 29th July

7pm              Cleaners

8.15pm         Shiny New Comedy Special

9.30pm         We are the Multitude (24:7)


Thursday 30th July

7pm              Follow/Unfollow

8.15pm         One for my Baby

9.30pm         Gary: A Love Story (24:7)


Friday 31st July

7pm              Farruchio Peru is Extraordinaire

8.15pm         Untitled Shakespeare

9.30pm         The Plant


Saturday 1st August

12.30pm       The Plant (24:7)

2pm              We are the Multitude (24:7)

7pm              Farruchio Peru is Extraordinaire

8.15pm         Resurrection Half Price

9.30pm         Untitled Shakespeare


Sunday 2nd August

12.30pm       Gary: A Love Story (24:7)

7pm              Farruchio Peru is Extraordinaire

8.15pm         Resurrection Half Price

9.30pm         Untitled Shakespeare


This Festival City Loves Pride!


A few weeks ago I sat with Mayor Joe Anderson who light heartedly debated with international visitors as to whether Liverpool was an International City.

Recent events in the city have certainly shown that Liverpool commands the position, and is well respected in the cultural world.

The Brouhaha International Carnival earlier this month was a magnificent celebration bringing the colour and sounds of the world alive; it showcased large scale carnival puppets and beautiful costumes as it paraded along Prince’s Drive towards the historic Prince’s Park where music, food and entertainment were the order of the afternoon.

That day, I headed the parade as a photographer for a local paper but had also several foreign visitors in tow, visitors whom I had picked up from Lime Street Station earlier. They were amazed at the city and no wonder, for a person who has never visited the city, even a short walk from the station is a time-travel experience.

Buildings make impressions on everyone. Walking through Toxteth we marvelled at the architectural monuments both secular and sacred. Devonshire Road contributed to the city’s unique atmosphere as the parades samba bands belted out with onlookers waving from windows on high.
This was the start of a spectacular Liverpool summer brought alive by the Batala drumming and samba queens in all their feathered glory. There was no age barrier here and the joy of the crowds welcoming the snaking troupe of dancers and musicians, was well entertained by these professional street entertainers.

A few days later, the UK’s only Brazilian Festival and Samba Carnival returned with a dance and music-infused street parade, with workshops, exhibitions and fringe events that impressed my visitors even more.
I was proud to ‘show-off’ the talents of Liverpool’s street festivals and seal the approval of international guests that see Liverpool as a truly International City. Over the years Liverpool’s street carnivals have grown and keep evolving as they aim to bring the very best of culture to our doorstep.

A lot of these festivals have their origins in the 2008 City of Culture with the Liverpool Carnival Company founded in 2007. Today, the latest festival ‘Liverpool Loves’, the new summer festival from Thursday to Saturday 6th-8th August was inspired by Orb CIC co-creator of the Brazilica and Liverpool Pride. Here this latest interest spotlights on four key themes of business, culture, food and well-being; with a business day event, Irish day and family fun day. This will surely be a trial run for next years International Festival of Business.

Which brings us back to Mayor Joe Anderson. Yes we are in the International Cities league. Now, we need to get the city’s environmental issues on track, European Green City Award and a ratings in the top world liveability city ranking.

Enjoy ‘Liverpool Loves’ at the iconic waterfront, make a date in your diary and have a fantastic few days at this free outdoor event…Thursday to Saturday 6th-8th August.

Physical fest is certainly a feast of performance.


This International Theatre Festival has brought to Liverpool the best new theatrical talent to the many stages of the city giving the latest batch of home-grown actors a fantastic showcase for their talent.

For the past week we have been subjected to a true treasure trove of theatrical riches in and around our streets. Riches that have made us think and made us laugh but above all I am sure, we have enjoyed the performances immensely.
These opportune performances in Clayton Square and Church Street, have become a vehicle for the performing arts this half term and called out to all young and able, giving them an opportunity to see a ‘special kind’ of theatre and so help them, knock on the doors of our theatre establishments in Liverpool and really consider joining a training programme or acting course at LJMU Joe Makin Drama Centre, as an example.

Last week, I engaged with the festival promoters at the Unity Theatre and was cocooned by the mischievous street theatre trio of fabulous, curvaceous, vivacious, gorgeous, flirty Boom Boom Showgirls who are even now sneaking up on unsuspecting shoppers.

Moments later the slapstick comedy of the Cirque du Kaka created a riotously entertaining experience swiftly followed by the zany Eggmen. Today, watch out for the Car Men greasy mechanics, showing up on the pedestrian streets without a car in sight and getting to grips with their real talent- opera! Led by an aficionado of the art, this unlikely trio live up to their name, performing Carmen in all its greasy glory…..clever!

Earlier in the week, all praise went to Wendy Houstoun’s superb performance ‘Pact with Pointlessness’ a double act for one, with the night twisting and turning, crackling with wit and ridiculous movement in a kind of stand up meets vaudeville.

Funny and moving in equal measure, this performance offered a frank demonstration of how it feels to be knocked sideways by death, then renegotiate and carry on.

If you have not encountered the ‘Physical fest’ workshops and street entertainment with shows at Church Street, Clayton Square, and Pilgrim Street then venture to the Bluecoat and Unity Theatre for performances, there is still time.

Unity Theatre 08448732888
Bluecoat 01517025324


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