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‘That’s Amore’ Unity Theatre. Thurs-Saturday 31st Jan. 8pm


Hold on tight for this dream like fairy-tale of love with all the trimmings! Hats off to the well established ‘Tmesis’ theatre which brings a night of refreshing dance theatre; intricate, fast paced and with a dash of athleticism and humour.

This fast-paced, passionate and poignant piece of physical theatre explores the vast world and culture of romantic love: from chance encounters to hidden desires, and emotional extremes to the science of romance.

Discover before your eyes, the flesh and philosophy behind what makes our hearts beat faster.
This theatre is certainly athletic and gutsy, dealing with the loss of, and longing for love, with a punch of strong visual style.

I enjoyed this piece of ‘power’ entertainment, with a great deal of sentimentality. I left with a head full of butterflies, riding on a cloud of elation having explored the light and dark sides of love in a playful and in some ways deeply personal show.

This show, combines the Tmesis trademark physically, and has an ensemble of professional performers along with a text from long term collaborator and award winning writer, Chris Fittock. Applause must go to the stunning backdrop of visuals and combination of popular and original scores which add perfume to the bouquet of love that’s amore.

You will love this show and beg for more; it’s a blast of dynamic entertainment that thrills the inners and injects the fun in your mind as you identify, engage and disengage with this high octane journey through love.

If you miss a viewing this week at the Unity then checkout, The Rose Theatre, Edge Hill University Ormskirk, The Brindley, Runcorn.

This is one show not to be missed!
……….erotic, chaotic but hypnotic!

Unity Theatre Liverpool, 08448732888
£12, £10 (£8 Sat Matinee)

Eurobeat ! Almost Eurovision Wed 1st Oct-2nd Oct 7.15pm


This week, the Blue Lounge at New Brighton Floral Pavilion, will welcome Eurobeat! It will be transformed into a packed capital city arena, as screaming fans wave flags for their Eurovision superstars.

This is a theatre experience like no other, fun, laughter and musical entertainment, and I aim to be there.

Here in sunny Sarajevo, for the greatest, gaudiest celebration of dodgy Europop.

This is a mock Eurovision competition containing almost everything you expect from a Eurovision final.
This riotously entertaining musical smorgasbord is a glorious and dazzling homage to the biggest annual song contest in the world.

On arrival, if you wish to experience this magical musical festival, you will be assigned a country. You’ll then be whisked across Europe to Sarajevo where your hosts, Boyka and Sergei guide you.
Ten countries compete for the vote. But like Eurovision, you can’t vote for your own country!

It’s all a musical banquet, a glamour-fest, a political minefield, with acts representing an eclectic mix of countries.

Written by Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson, it’s a production that’s gained multiple five star awards.

It is impossible not to love this.

It’s hilarious in song and dance routines but certainly one competition you won’t want to miss out on.

We have the Swedish pop group entry Avla, the Russian boy band KGBoiz, the Hungarian triplets, the Molnar Sisters with powerful folk music (sung in Hungarian of course) and the heartfelt longing of the song for Ireland presented by Ronan Corr.

The event is reinvented every night as the audience dictates who the winners are.

If you love the Eurovision Song Contest then go to see this show and if you don’t, go to see it anyway…it’s colourful, it’s funny and a fun night out. It’s got something for everyone, supported by brilliant technical wizardry.
Don’t miss……..Eurobeat!

Floral Pavilion, Marine Promenade, New Brighton.

Brazilica… Liverpool’s Global Collaboration……see, hear, connect….What’s on this weekend?


Brilliant weekend ahead with the Brazilica festivities still riding high with some fantastic venues lined up to impress.

Now in its sixth year, Brazilica remains the UK’s only Brazilian Festival and Samba Carnival-yet again, we’re one step ahead of the rest of the country.

After a week of food, dance, film, exhibitions and music, the 19th July will see a grand finale with the exciting Carnival and Parade day events ploughing through our city.

Williamson Square will host the main stage and exotic Brazilian market place with the streets lit up until 8pm with a magical night-time carnival parade.

Sample a wide range of traditional dishes and enjoy the atmosphere right in the heart of Liverpool.

The night-time carnival parade is the star of the show and the jewel in the crown, the showstopper of the summer!!!!!
World-class samba performers will be ready to descend upon Liverpool again in their masses with a glittering showcase of eye-catching costumes and spectacular floats that will wind their way through the streets of the city to the irresistible sounds of samba.

Follow them from 8pm- Williamson Square, Bold Street, Hardman Street, Hope Street, Oxford Street, to Abercromby Square.

The main stage at Williamson Square will have live bands such as Fabio Allman, Pepe Barcellos JP Courtney, Ziriguidum, and Marissa, a bossa nova band that opens the festival with its classics, original and nu bossa styles.

If you’re looking for a plan, then venture like me on a Saturday afternoon, into the Kazimier Garden from 2pm till late when they will be serving up great music, caipirinhas and a mean Brazilian barbecue. It’s got to be the best place in town to chill out, enjoy music and to bring the family.

The official closing party will be held at the Kazimier till late, between 10pm and 3am when, according to the bar staff yesterday, it’s going to be full of surprises.

see updated guides on

Street soccer returns to the city centre with the best three-a-side street soccer teams playing against each other in the finals for the Brazilica Street Soccer 2014 trophy!
If you want music as well then it can be sampled close to the action on the ‘Everton in the Community’ Stage on Church Street.

Finally, if I’m not downing caipirinhas, I’ll be visiting the Southport Flower Show at Chavasse Park, which has the theme this year of all things Brazil! Don’t miss this year’s promotion of the show with beautiful displays inspired by Brazil, and supported by pop-up performances from samba bands and dancers.

Last Saturday was one of the best street carnivals I’ve seen, so lets support this final farewell and give a big thankyou to all the performers from the city and all over the world, performers who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make Brazilia happen.

Brazilica is just one of many examples of how Liverpool does culture like no other city and better still, it’s free.
There’s no excuse for not getting into town and treating your eyes and ears to the fantastic work of the Liverpool Carnival Company.

Have a fantastic time and see you in the Kazimier Garden.


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