Kids today eh?

*Ghost Boy at the Everyman Theatre

Kicking off my year of cultural shenanigans with a rather ace play about naughty boys and eccentric  neighbours……

I’d planned to go and see this since a) the tickets were complementary (thanks Everyman) and b) it sounded good. I’d arranged to take my good friend Kate but she couldn’t come at the last minute. ‘Why don’t you go by yourself?’ suggested my ever-positive friend Karen, ‘it’ll be empowering!’

So I did-I’d like to think I appeared quite the enigmatic loner but probably looked a bit sad. And no-one mistook me for a roving reporter despite the conspicuous use of a notepad. Aaaaw!

Ghost Boy is a play written by Keith Saha. Here’s the blurb:

I’d expected it to be a bit urban in a way that I’m slightly too old to fully comprehend these days but I know what I like, and I most definitely liked the very exciting opening which involved some rapping (I believe they still call it that) courtesy of the excellent Tachia Newall, accompanied by some ace beatboxing by Hobbit who has been making an alright living out of this by all accounts-he’s even better than that guy out of Police Academy! No really!

Lovely  musical accompaniment via cello by Hannah Marshall… these guys remained on stage throughout the performance which makes me think that they really earned their coffers, providing not only music to link together and set the tone of the scenes but impressively to provide every other sound effect from birds tweeting in the early morning of the estate, to passing cars and also providing the voices of Jamal’s mates, his ‘boys’, who themselves were represented by some nicely rendered Gorrillaz-style cartoon cut-outs handled by puppeteers. Phew!

So I won’t blather on in case you start to glaze over-here’s two whole punchy bullet-pointed opinions for those with low attention spans (that includes me):

  • Loved the youthful ambience due to the fact that the average audience age was about 17. Surprised but not dismayed by the amount of F-bombs given that many of said audience were on school trips… times have changed! Some may not like that but hey; it’s in context….
  • The cast were really convincing and likeable-something I find difficult to accept when watching plays as I’m constantly aware that they’re just ‘pretending’.  Obviously that’s just my problem; I’m a pillock.

Loved this and glad I went. It’s finished now, but fortunately 20 Stories High are a Liverpool based company and I think there will definitely be more excellent storytelling from them soon. I hope so!

My rating: **** Could only have been improved by some pointless nudity. It could be that I’m easily pleased due to the fact that this is my first play in a while, however I still maintain that there’s something for everyone in this, from teenagers to cantankerous older folk and everyone in between. That’ll be me, then!

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4 responses to “Kids today eh?”

  1. Jack says :

    Great post Kristal, makes me want to go see the play.
    Sorry they couldn’t provide any pointless nudity for you though. Maybe next time.


  2. chouder says :

    my amazing friend, I saw this too and you made it sound even more amazing than it was ….and it was amazing, loved your review….look forward to the next one K

  3. kate davies says :

    fab post Mrs, sounds like a good watch, give me a shout if your ever stuck again as would well accompany you!

  4. BarbarascultureBlog. says :

    Sounds lively.Sorry I missed it.

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