Shanghai Exposure – Bluecoat Display Centre

There is a nice exhibition here at the moment showcasing six British ceramic artists and jewellers. They are making jewellery and ceramics that draw upon Chinese tradition and history, with a modern twist. The exhibitors include Anthony Wong who I believe is from Liverpool.
Some of the ceramics particularly are exquisite.

Would be nice if this could go to the Expo in Shanghai. It illustrates in a contemporary way the historical fascination Britain has had with China. Liverpool particularly with it’s history of copying Chinese ceramics in the 18th century.

Check it out if you’re passing.

Shanghai Exposure runs from 1st May until 19th June 2010

Bluecoat Display Centre – 0151 709 4014


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One response to “Shanghai Exposure – Bluecoat Display Centre”

  1. barbarascultureblog says :

    Will do Paul, love all that Blue and White ware I have quite a collection of it , but none by
    Anthony Wong . Must see if I can change that. Barbara

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