Ice Skating…But not in Liverpool!

Sunday, I went to Blackburn Ice Arena with 47 skaters from Altrincham a further 50 + were there from Blackburn and some from Bradford Ice rink.

It was a Syncronized Skating Workshop which means skaters go on to the Ice and practice skating moves, steps, spins, jumps , etc. BUT they all do the same move at the same time.  It was great! over 100 skaters youngsters  and  adults had a great workout,  and it was all put together by three LIVERPOOL skaters who are now top coaches….David McGrouther , Sam (O’Hanlon) Ozard and Dawn (Spendlove) Woodbridge we have always had ‘Liverpools got Talent’ pity we don’t  have the Ice rink for todays young people to have a chance at skating. Liverpool kids have GO they would love it.

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