How fantastic is the Liverpool Spirit?!!

Last week it made me proud to live in our fabulous city. On a dull wet Thursday afternoon as I approached Williamson Square, I was greeted by the uplifting sound of music playing, and the sight of a group of happy,willing volunteers dancing away in the pouring rain!  They were celebrating International Dance Day and were determined that the weather would not stop them. Myself and everyone else passing had a smile on their faces- it was fabulous and I just wished I had my camera!!!

3 responses to “How fantastic is the Liverpool Spirit?!!”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    Becky – your first blog!!!! Congrats!

    I think that there is a real happy atmosphere in the city centre since Capital of Culture. These sort of events really lift everyone’s spirit regardless of weather.

  2. barbarascultureblog says :

    I found the same atmosphere down at the Albert Docks ,Tuesday afternooon, lots of visitors all enjoying the attractions …Yes it was sunny but the wind was cold! I chatted to a couple who had lunch at the Maritime Restaurant then they were off to FACT to the Senior citizens screening which includes Tea/Coffee/Biscuits all for the very good price of Three pound. Liverpool Culture…..Can’t beat it!

  3. cityandnorth says :

    Hi Becky, realy enjoyed our nearly meeting with Val (Pride in Liverpool Coordinator) How was P1casso? …Congrates on Your Blog…

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