Maritime Dining Rooms-Part Trois!

I can’t/won’t let my lovely (complimentary, I’m bribing them) lunch at the Maritime Dining Rooms go unmentioned and I recently discovered that food served in jars (yes, even to grown-ups) is a good thing.

I meant to take some pics of the amazing views out of the windows but I’m afraid to say that me and the boyfriend spent too much time  doing impressions of Michael Winner and competing over the most pretentious ways to describe the food. Therefore I’ll just say that  the potted pork was precocious (me), the rib of beef was playfully ironic (him) and that the décor challenged our preconceptions about the meaning of food…..anyhoo, lovely grub is how I’d really describe it! And a good excuse to visit the museum to boot. Or vice versa……next time you’re around there, do both! Go crazy…..

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  1. barbarascultureblog says :

    I’m planning to make eating here a regular event,

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