White Stripes Film at Parr Street Studios

Went to watch a film about the White Stripes last week. Under Great White Northern Lights documents the band’s tour of Canada. I liked!

White StripesPurple Revolver put it on at Parr Street Studio. It was a very cosy way of watching a film and one that I’d like to see repeated; makes a bit of a change from all the usual places to watch films! Lots of sofas and beanbags squashed in together, the dress code being red, black and white (which I didn’t adhere to I’m sorry to say, having worn bright blue boots. Oopsie!)

There were some interesting looking people in attendance with a variety of cool hairdo’s, so I was kept busy with people-watching for a good portion of the night.

The film was quite good, but interrupted a few times by the projector breaking down;  it didn’t seem to affect the ambience though. I’d probably not have gone out of my way to see this film, but for the lure of comfy old Parr St Studios and some beer/good company.

They finished off with local band Apple Cannon playing some good old White Stripes songs before time for bed!

I’d do it again though as I like the idea of theme nights. There was a fanzine being bandied about too. For the unfamiliar, imagine if you made a magazine by using only a photocopier and a stapler and you have the gist. Old school!

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  1. chouders says :

    good to see you getting around and so many different things happening in this great City to capture the imagination..blog on!!

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