My Weekend

Got a busy weekend lined up….

Tonight I’m off to see Four Lions, Chris ‘Brasseye’ Morris’ new comedy flick about a group of bungling suicide bombers. That’s at FACT…

Tomorrow I’m off to see a guy called Rory McLeod at the Philharmonic.  Sounds nice as the talent sort of mixes with us common folk after the performance apparently.

At some point tomorrow I believe the boyfriend is taking me for noodles at the new noodle bar (‘Newdle Bar’  for economy of speech ) somewhere around the Bold Street end. I’ll let you know how that goes…

Sunday I’m running (well,  jogging) the Womens 10K in Sefton Park and if I’ve time  after that  I’d like to check out Make Sundays at the Leaf Cafe opposite Cains Brewery. That’s arts and crafts sold by local artists AND if they’re feeling nice they’ll demo some of their craftiness before our very eyes.

Watch this space, as they say!

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