Stuff Wot I Dun This Weekend……


So….some stuff I managed to do and other things not so much this weekend…..

Went to see Four Lions at Fact on Friday which was great. I knew it’d be funny because it was written by Chris Morris but it’s one of those films where you come away with a slightly weird feeling in the pit of your stomach too because it’s a little bit sad too. I won’t say more than that, only to implore you to go see it! I was sat next to a girl with an annoying laugh who crammed her face with popcorn for the duration so that I felt almost compelled to grab the box off her and launch it across the cinema. Didn’t have the guts in the end……


Visited the Liverpol Museum on Saturday afternoon. Took me back to my childhood except that the interieor is MUCH nicer than in my day! The Plantastic! Exhibition (which I was far too old for but whatever) was ace. Interactive plant-based games and puzzles built into giant plant and flower structures and LOTS of bright colours to over-stimulate kids. If this is what the OLD museum is like these days then I can’t wait for the new one……

Took the boyfriend to see Rory McLeod at the Phil on Saturday night. It was a bit like taking a teenager shopping for underwear in that he clearly didn’t want to go. In fairness to him, it wasn’t really his kind of thing and I probably shouldn’t have made him.  It wasn’t bad at all, if you like really folksy folk. He’s a kind of troubadour-style storyteller/ musician and can play a mean pair of spoons, banging his foot on a board Seasick Steve-style (try saying that after a few sherries) as accompaniment to guitar. He also played mouth organ so fast and loud that I got sensory overload and almost began to hallucinate.

The After Eight Series is something that the Philharmonic Hall put on which involves arriving through the back of the building speakeasy-style and being led up some stairs to an intimate cabaret-style venue. It’s got a rooftop terrace and the acts mingle with the audience during the evening. There’s also a very handy bar up there too, and no ques.

In summary, If you like  David Essex from around the time he lived on a barge and you also happen to like Billy Bragg then you’ll LOVE Rory!  I had to leave early though as I had the women’s 10K the next day. Over and out!

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