Bluecoat goings-on

I’m off to the Bluecoat again on Wednesday with my pal Pricey. They’ll have to get a bed for me to sleep in soon, I’m there that often! Off to see a bit of magic/comedy/whatever else they serve up at monthly event Vinny’s Flat (Your Uncannily Magical Live Art Comedy Experience no less) which sounds ace. I’ll leave you to follow the link rather than go on about it but I’ll let you know how that went down later in the week….

Tonight, I went back to…you’ve guessed it the Bluecoat, for a talk on Syd Barrett by the author of a new book on said chap, A very Irregular Head by Rob Chapman. For those of you who might not know, Syd was in the early manifestation of the band Pink Floyd, took too much acid and let’s just say it didn’t agree with him. It was something different and really interesting. Having anticipated with relish a few ‘mad Syd’ stories  of sixties excess and eccentric acts, I felt a bit guilty some way into the talk as the author speculated that it was probably regular old mental health issues rather than drugs that led to his demise. One thing that stuck in my mind tonight was when he quoted someone or other in reference to Syd’s less than brilliant guitar skills: ‘things can grow from what you’re not good at as well as what you are good at’ or something like that. It’s true though, right? OK, it sucks to be bad at stuff but I think he meant that not being a great musician forced Syd to focus more on what he was good at and compensate with that. A good strategy, I reckons!

Right, enough philosophising, it’s only Tuesday!

Night night babies!

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  1. argybargy17 says :


    The Syd Barret stuff sounded really interesting, would’ve liked to have come to this. Sounds like Syd could’nt cope with having so much fun!

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