My ker-azy week of stuff


Thursday night I went to my friend Clare Campbell’s signing of her book, Love Hope and High Heels at the lovely Bluecoat. It was a lovely friendly gathering with some rather good poetry.

Felt quite the social butterfly as I leapt over the road to the Unity Theatre to see my mate, the excellent Ms. Katie Tracey perform her maiden gig at the Funny Women Awards. I missed her by about five seconds which was rather gutting, but I hear she made brains explode everywhere with her incredible wit and funny stories. OK OK, plug over (but she is reeeeally funny! Many an evening have I hosed her down with nose-tea when she’s made me laugh mid-sip).

Funny Women seemed to have not been adequately marketed which is a shame because the act I caught was hilarious. Perhaps the wrong venue? I’m not going to get all soap-boxy here but comedy’s deffo on the rise here in Liverpool at the mo; let’s not have the girls getting left beind! Let’s be the progressive city, yeah!

Anyways-stepping down off my parapet, visited the Light Night on Friday with huge ambitions of seeing almost EVERYTHING but in the end I attended a photography course at John Moores University, which I badly needed having begged for a digital SLR because all my friends had one and then not being able to use it. Reg Phillips explained very well the rudiments of shutter speed and aperture to create different effects and in putting thought into how you frame your picture. It was essentially a beginner’s class but I learned a whole lot. Seems to be a shortage of good photography workshops around here. Anyone else think so too?

Sprinted across town then to catch Kim Noble Will Die at the Bluecoat. I won’t tell you about that lest I offend, except to advise that if you read the reviews and STILL want to see such a show despite all the grim goings on therein, then you only have yourself to blame! Curiosity won out, and I finished the night with a thousand yard stare due to sheer amount of, ahem, body parts flashed before my poor old eyes . I trusted his comedy credentials (Perrier Award, blah blah blah) but hey, apparently he’s a maverick and out to shock.  Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and thought-provoking etc but still…put your thingy away!

Saturday I took the boyfriend to see Juniper Davy & Sonny Lumiere at Edge Hill Station. Love love loved the trinkets and doilys everywhere because I’m a girl and we like that. Also loved drinking tea out of a china cup which reminded me of my nan, for obvious reasons (see pic of me adopting correct tea drinking protocol & wearing too much blusher). As Barbara has previously stated in her entry, the attention to detail was as good as the music (which is pretty good). I wish I’d asked more about the performance itself…I got a bit lost in all the prose because I’m frankly not used to listening to it. Still, it was lovely and completely re-programmed me after my harrowing Kim Noble experience. So that’s good. All is right with the world again….tea makes everything better!

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