Another feather in their cap!    The Tate directors and staff have pulled off a great  coup bringing together over 150 works by Picasso and they have  delivered the exhibition with STYLE. The layout of the exhibition draws inthe viewer in a very seductive manner that leads to a journey of discovery. Many images are familiar I enjoyed seeing ‘the real thing’  but some I have never seen even in books or catalogues  (some are on public view for the first time in over 50 years!)  THE CHARNEL HOUSE, has not been seen in the U.K. /outside New York for fifty years!   I felt the aggression of war in many paintings,  Picasso’s 1962  ‘The Rape of the Sabine Women’ is more aggressive and emotive than the 1637 original  .I have never seen ‘Seated Musketeers and Dancing Nude’ or any of the ‘Musketeers’ series and have always had an image of the ‘ Three Musketeers’ as rather romantic , swashbuckling gentlemen.  THAT  IMAGE  has gone for ever replaced by the ‘brutal ‘ portraits Picasso painted.

2 responses to “PICASSO. PEACE and FREEDOM”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    Yes, Barb, what a great show! Needs more than one viewing though to really appreciate some of the more complicated stuff.

  2. Barbarascultureblog says :

    What is in a name? does Pablo Ruiz mean any thing to you? I certainly think another visit is on the calendar!

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