Liverpool Cultural Heritage Forum

Yesterday Donna and I attended a networking event for the heritage groups in the city at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.

Quite a diverse and well attended conference representing both the small and large heritage organizations in the city. A range of big and small from parks groups, one issue groups (like the Daniel Adamson Preservation Trust) through to the Cathedrals and Museums.

Perhaps the most telling comment came from Justin Welby the Dean of the Anglican Cathedral who warned that culture and heritage funding from central government is set to fall by 25% over the next 5 years.

If this forum does nothing else it should allow the Heritage Lobby in the city to present a united front in the face of cuts.

The group does seem to have a old age profile though. I was suprised that there was no representation from the student body of the cities university history departments.

Nevertheless, an important networking group that should be supported and linked into the wider cultural activities of the city. I know that my own local park, Calderstones, supports arts groups and these groups can feed from each other and support each other in these uncertain times.

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