The week to come

Tonight I’m going to a reading of a forthcoming play Dead Heavy Fantastic by acclaimed Liverpool playwright and, I am told, a very funny bloke Robert Farquhar. The possibility alone of meeting someone with that surname was enough to draw me in, but so did the idea of going to a reading, which is where the actors read through the lines just to see whether it essentially works or not in front of an audience. Should be interesting…..indecently it’s a tale of a lonely heart who gets much more than he bargained for.

After this I’m popping over to Parr St Studios again where they’re showing SATC 1 but also tarting it up for the ladies with loads of treats on offer. So if you’re a fan of, oh I don’t know, effective time management, you can go there and watch the film/drink cocktails/socialise/get a manicure/eat some cake. shots

Finally, this is my overly-ambitious plan for the weekend (not including my own personal errands. Mind your own beeswax re those):

Friday: Metal at Edge Hill run a monthly cabaret, Edgy. Popping along to ch-ch-check it out.

Sat: Roller skating at the newly opening Skate Liverpool (Liverpool’s biggest family roller rink!). No I’m not taking any children with me, yes I will be filming it and yes I will probably fall over causing someone to roll right over my neck or something…

Sunday: I’m going to give Dragonboat racing a whirl down at the Albert Dock with local team Amathus. Apparently you can just turn up and ruin their practise by having a go! Excellent. Then on to the Hub Festival to marvel at some breakdancing, beatboxing and other things I’m too old to ever EVER attempt away from drunken parties. I’m sure that will be totally rad or whatever the kids are calling ‘good’ these days.

On the fourth day, I rest. It’s a bank holiday, baby! Hope you all have fun……

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