WOW –What Culture

WOW –What Culture
What a truly great month, I have had Becoming Community Cultural Champion for City and North. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next month’s adventures will bring.
Been to the Launch of the JMU Capstone Building
Chattered to lovely Roger Philips
Attended the Liverpool Liver building as a Volunteer at the Launch of the new head quarters of Human rights, what a huge honour to have it here in our Great City and it couldn’t be in a more prestigious building, very fitting. It was an Honour and privilege to be involved even in a very small way. Apart from becoming CCC for City and North this was my 2nd Highlight of the month.
Saw Ghost Boy at the Everyman. I took a group of young Adults, who are not easily impressed by much one young man said “That’s decent that” hi praise in deed. It dealt with real life (depending on where you live)issues in an honest way , not in your face, angrily, but quite sensitively. The After Hours beat box session went down well at first the group didn’t want to stay then I couldn’t get them home. A good night was had by all.
Attended a Rotarians Gala Fundraising evening at St Georges Hall in the small Gallery. I’ve never been in there before its so lovely all the lattés work on the balconies, gold leaf very impressive, it was superb night . The choir and brass band full of energy had very one singing along then on to the Everyman Bistro, went home a bit worse for were great.
“Behind the Hood” a Play at the Unity theatre, a look at gangs through the ages. By renowned Director John Whelan. John had been enabling groups of young people. By breaking down barriers, using dance theatre, film and music connected by History past and present. By working with youth groups throughout the city, groups that don’t usually work or socialise together. Set in the 26th century with time portals, within a living Museum. Two 21st century Liverpool lads get to go forward in time and see that a lot of the issues they deal with on a day to day basis are still around, kids still think teachers are boring, kids still like to be fashionable etc
“A Sense of Place” Grundvig project from Burton Manor. Across international borders exchange project with other Community Colleges and places of adult education. We had the pleasure of showing three different groups of adults from Italy, Latvia and Hungary our wonderful heritage. A tour of Park gate, Chester and a two days sightseeing tour in Liverpool. A traditional Place to eat The Slaughter house who serves lovely Peawack Soup, which all our visitors loved. Then tea at the Town Hall. The Lord Mayor Mike Storey very kindly give the three groups of visitors a Gift of a mini Lamb banana and greeting card to take back to their own Lord Mayors. We and our visitors were made very welcome we/they got to see the palatial Town Hall on an exciting tour with a full of history, of past scandals and legend very entertaining. This exciting project Continues until 2011. Hosted at Burton Manor, it’s got to be said a jewel in the crown of the City council education system. Timeless elegance with 21st century training and development.

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Scotland Road,homegrown Girl.Wife,Mother and Grandmother. Two dogs,one Cat. I work for Rotunda one of the Oldest and greatest Community colleges in liverpool. I'm the Volunteer Coordinator for Rotunda and Love my Job, as no two days are ever the Same. I recently became the First Community Cultural Champion For City and North.
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