Yes I can Blog!

Blogging at last,PC been ill, Glad hubby backed everything up. There is not enough hours in the day… Having such a great time rediscovering My fab City. My Co-Champions have been doing a tremendous job keep us all informed, what a great team.I’m so looking forward to friday the Rotunda young people are having a French themed fashion show, all welcome 7 till 9 at Rotunda, French music and wine, very ooo-la-la. Info call 0151 207 2176

About cityandnorth

Scotland Road,homegrown Girl.Wife,Mother and Grandmother. Two dogs,one Cat. I work for Rotunda one of the Oldest and greatest Community colleges in liverpool. I'm the Volunteer Coordinator for Rotunda and Love my Job, as no two days are ever the Same. I recently became the First Community Cultural Champion For City and North.

3 responses to “Yes I can Blog!”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    Congratulations Donna!!!

  2. Jan Bisson says :

    Hi Donna,

    I enjoyed reading your blog, You sound like you are enjoying your champion role very much, keep it up!!
    Proud to know you.

  3. barbarascultureblog says :

    Nice to see you walking with your group in the Lord Mayors Pageant on Saturday. It was a great day I really enjoyed the atmosphere and when I get around to it I will put on some photos of you just to prove you walked
    all that way. Well done Donna.

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