One Night in Istanbul – Liverpool Empire

Great night last night watching this play. Lots of laughs and reminicences of that unforgettable night in May 2005.

The plot follows a group of supporters sharing a hotel room in Istanbul and their experiences prior to the game. It is a mixture of farce and funny stories interspersed with songs from what I would describe as a singing narrator. We all know how the game ends but the end for the supporters is slightly more convoluted!

Not  a great play, possible not appreciated by Evertonions, ManU and AC Milan supporters, but funny in parts and a must see for Liverpool supporters as it really evokes the spirit of that day.

A word of caution for those who dislike bad language, don’t go!

Great performances from Neil Fitzmaurice (he steals the show) and a new rising star, Darren Farley. He is the local lad who does impersonations of Gerrard, Benitez etc. He is brilliantly funny as the Sky reporter.

Clever use of song and TV clips moves the play along and it definitely tickles the chuckle muscle!

A must see for all Liverpool fans and a must not see for all ManU fans!

One Night in Istanbul finishes tomorrow, Saturday 29th May.

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