Lord Mayor’s Pageant .Sat 5th June.

Next Saturday is the Lord Mayor’s Parade (Pageant) but I have always called it a Parade. It’s a bit different these days, enviromentally friendly! pedestrian, pedalled and pushed to promote Liverpool’s Year of  Health and Wellbeing Starts at Pall Mall  at One O”clock the route takes in most of the city centre and I will be watching and cheering the participants on from the 08’Place in Whitechapel.  If you want to see some of last years shennanigans including Mike Storey, out going Lord Mayor’s Samba Dance in the middle of Castle Street its on the big screen in the 08’Place. Hope the weather is kind to them! But the rain didn’t stop the festivities last year or put a damper on the crowds enjoyment. Come along and enjoy the fun.

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