Dragonboat Racing and failed attempts to attend things

Most of my plans to do things were scuppered this week so therefore I’ve not much to write about. However I will tell you that I went dragon boating this weekend at the marina, Albert Dock. Give it a go, its hard work but the sun’s out now which means it’s OK to lark about in water. The first session is free.

Hmm what else? Oh yes, I went to see the reading of the play Dead Heavy Fantastic by Bob Farquhar with my good friend PG, who seemed to know all the cast and crew and introduced me to everyone as a ‘Cultural Attaché’ which blatantly isn’t the case. Still thanks PG! And I had a lot of fun. The play isn’t out until next year but I think it’ll be great. It was much like watching a finished play except that there was no scenery and the actors had their scripts to hand. Still, lots of swearing and rude hand gestures therein which scored points with me immediately. Looking forward to that!

Meant to go to Edgy, Metal’s monthly cabaret but something went a bit wrong and I couldn’t make it. On Saturday my friends Karen, Helen and I tried to get in on a bit of roller skating action at Skate Liverpool’s new venue but that went belly-up too. Watch this space for more info on them as we’re determined to get there!!!

So instead we went to lunch in Allerton Road and then discovered a new vintage clothes shop called Geek on Smithdown Road, next to Daphna’s Cheesecake Factory. Bought a dress from St Michael’s (old M&S brand and home of talc bought as Christmas presents for your Nan) from about 1982. Now I too can dress like one of the audience on Top of The Pops Christmas 1984! Ace.

Tried to get into the Hub Festival later that day but failed spectacularly due to a) arriving late and b) everyone being ejected due to a fight break-out. We tried to weave our way back to the high street from there via groups of pale gangly looking teenagers, many of which were worryingly drunk/stoned/both. Felt like I’d been transported into a zombie game actually, except I had to survive on my wits rather than a cricket bat or other such weapons. Suffice to say that I managed to make it through the woods alive……

Anyhoo, as you can see very distinct pattern formed over this weekend, namely that I managed to not go to anything I’d set out to go to!!! Soz guys.

But hey, wait a minute!!! I’m off out tonight and also Thursday…..

Off to Stamps Too (I know, sounds like a postal service-based comedy sequel) tonight with good ole Katie Tracey my stand-up gal pal to see some open mic comedy (that’s in Waterloo I believe).

Thursday going to watch a musical with a twist called Hedwig and the Angry Inch at The Kazimer in town. I’m told it’s really great and only on for a few more days so get going to It!

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After these two I’m off on hols for a week during which time I’ll miss the opportunity to be in the Lord Mayor’s Pageant (this Saturday). Gutted!!! I’ll get over it though, with the aid of sunshine and booze!

Tra La’s!

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  1. Paul Argent says :


    Let us know what you think of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I have seen reviews of the film and it is the wierdest musical you can imagine. Good rock score too.

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