Liverpool’s Got Talent!

Yes Liverpool has some very talented artists. Many of them belong to The South Liverpool Arts Group. Today I went to Calderstones Park it was a beautiful day and a walk in the park seemed like a good idea, it was a surprise to find an art exhibition in the Coach House Gallery and a bigger surprise to see the high standard of paintings on display.  I met a Mr G Murphy (artist in residence?) who was creating  a detailed Liverpool City Centre painting. Other oil paintings  ‘Queen Elizabeth 2’  on the River Mersey was also very impressive. I loved J W Bridge’s paintings of ‘Sunset Crosby’ and his Antony Gormley statues. There were 88 painting on show and they are well worth viewing.  This talented group meet on Tuesday evenings and invite new members to visit at St Austins Church,   561 Aigburth Rd,  L 19 onu.

2 responses to “Liverpool’s Got Talent!”

  1. Paul Argent says :

    This is a great art group. Really sorry to miss the latest exhibition due to holiday abroad. Will catch the next one.

    • barbarascultureblog says :

      Hope you have had a good holiday. You have missed some exciting events,

      this weekend was great, the dancing in Williamson Square was fun and I

      enjoyed the Liverpool East event, people put every thing into making these

      events a success and deserve thanks for their hard work.

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