A New Ice Rink for Liverpool

A great city like Liverpool should have an Ice Rink! Not just any Ice Rink BUT a state of the art building in a prominent position. The people of Liverpool in the past have been great Ice skaters. Future generations should also have that chance.  DOES ANYONE ONE OUT THERE  AGREE????

5 responses to “A New Ice Rink for Liverpool”

  1. Paul Argent says :


    Yes, I agree. The questions are where and who will pay for it? This would be a good campaign.


  2. vera mallon says :

    A new ice rink would be fantastic I remember the original!

    • barbarascultureblog says :

      lLiverpool Ice Rink served the city and its people for many years and produced some

      great skaters who are still coaching all over the world.Others had good times and

      met many friends there its was also great for leisure skating and a fun way to keep

      fit. Keep the message going we need a new Ice Rink. see Liverpool Silverblades Ice Rink on Facebook.

  3. Dave says :

    I agree that we lost a great friend when the Silver Blades closed. I think it was on Prescot Road. I am a lousy skater myself, but think it would be a great asset to the city, if only you could get money to build it. There are plenty of derilict spaces that could be used for it – old Kensington Market, MFI, Homebase, Littlewoods on Edge Lane, old Newsham Hospital to name but a few.
    We have a gymnastics champion in Beth Tweddle. Why not an Ice-skating Champion in the future?

    • barbarascultureblog says :

      Thanks Dave, Pass the message on! We need an Ice Rink in Liverpool and as you say there are plenty of derelict spaces . Those areas you mentioned would benefit from an injection of new build it would help with jobs, social issues, and continue the good work of ‘ The Year of Wellbeing’ in helping to keep the people of Liverpool fit.

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