Liverpool East. Trans Pennine Trail.

Sunday 13th June and East Liverpool celebrated the TRANS PENNINE TRAIL’s  21st Birthday at SPRINGFIELD PARK. Lots of things going on! Thanks to Sharon Mutch (Photography Workshop)  showing me ‘things’ on my camera I didn’t know existed. Also thanks to Brenda Sharp in the (Textile work shop) I enjoyed all that pretty artistic painting on silk! And Gayle Coldron  DRUMMER   EXPERT  (by the end of the drum class ) with the Batala Drummers was ROCKING!    There was plenty to do for all ages..A climbing wall in Sainsbury’s car park , Bike experts to help with cycle training and lots of freebees which I shared with my fellow students in Spanish class today. I packed all of that in just over  1 hour and I had to leave to get to Altrincham to help with the International School of Skating Synchro Teams ,who were performing in’ CHILLER’ a tribute Ice show to Michael Jackson. The  show was fantastic with Ice Skating Champions from all over Europe. And the youngsters did a wonderful job and looked stunning in their costumes . The audience of over  one thousand two hundred people really appreciated the skills of the skaters . Liverpool ‘s own David McGrouther and Samantha (O’Hanlon)  Ozard coached local skaters to a high standard after weeks of hard work.  A busy busy Day which I really enjoyed.  And I missed the rain !

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