Persistance of Vision – Fact

Opening today this is a free exhibition exploring how memories are affected by vision and media. The exhibition uses visual stimulus, video and computer tasks to explore memory.

It is a bit cerebral and the preview last night had what seemed like the whole of the University of Liverpool’s psychology department there. Nevertheless some fun psychological games to play and the hall of mirrors exhibit was fun/spooky. Had a feel of a fairground ride to it.

My favourite exhibit was the film by Lindsay Seers. Quite a disturbing exploration of memory shot through the eyes of the subject. A nice piece of technical production creating a very atmospheric piece.

Is this the future of film? It has been done before but the use of sound and the binocular camera created a downbeat but gripping effect.

I have to say that this is a serious exhibition, anyone with an interest in psychology would find it fascinating but it may be a bit inaccesible to the uninitiated.

Still, nothing wrong with that!

The exhibition runs from 18th June until 30th August 2010.

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  1. BarbarascultureBlog. says :

    Paul, I was going last night but it went completely out of my head! After observing at the Cultural Task Group all the facts and figures from the meeting were still whirling around in my head and I completly forgot about the preview at FACT. I will have to catch up on it this weekend as they have other events planned for FATHER’S DAY.

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