Exercise your brains!

Hey theeeeeeere!

If you’re looking for something a bit different to do that will get the old synapses firing without actually making too much effort, you could do worse than attend a public lecture.

Tonight I went to a lecture on health inequalities at Liverpool Uni. They’ve been putting on public lectures on all sorts of things for a few years now and this year’s theme is on Health and Wellbeing (to tie in with the PCT’s Year of Health and Wellbeing , obviously!)

This one was given by Professor Sir (yes, he uses both titles at once apaprently) Michael Marmott, who’s a big cheese in in the study of public health and has recently produced an eponymous study on how to reduce health inequalities.

Anyway, he rolled out lots and lots of depressing statistics via a Powerpoint presentation. I gotta tell you though, that man’s got charisma! It was funny and engaging, despite the content. One of the best (I say best-I mean shocking) was that in Glasgow there’s a discrepancy of 22 years in life expectancy between two of its suburbs! In the poorer one, men live to an average of 54. That surely means they must be drinking/smoking themselves into an early grave, or perhaps there’s just a high proportion of live-fast-die-young types bringing down the average by loads, who knows?  I gasped, I did.

These lectures are FREE but very popular so you still need to ask for a ticket. The next one’s in July and then there’s one in October which is a talk by Terry Waite, entitled Survival in Solitude. Get your ticket now, fool!

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  1. chouder says :

    love your blogs…you brighten my day you do!! remind me not to move to Glasgow, although its a great place to visit…

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