Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival. Bluecoat.

Saturday and a very busy day in the city centre.  Mad busy at the ’08 Place with visitors from all over the world, and the crowds at the BLUECOAT for the festival was very impressive.  I painted a flag! ( yes I know it was for Kids only) I wanted my hand henna painted but they were very busy.  I listened to EL MINYAWI, An Egyptian ensemble who have all played  with the Middle East’s finest and best known bands and singers ,a very vibrant group with a very strong beat,  the lady next to me said “It makes me want to dance” as we were both swaying to the beat .  I admit I could not identify some of their instruments but enjoyed  the very individual sound. The FAMILY DAY  was just that something for all the family . This festival is on till  11th July with  MUSIC, DANCE,  LITERATURE, VISUAL ARTS. FILM, and lots more. Full programme at  Worth looking into. I liked the concept of the woman with the Hoover trying to vacum the sand in the desert. Most women can identify with the concept of never ending housework. Well worth a visit!

2 responses to “Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival. Bluecoat.”

  1. megan tripp says :

    Thanks for the positive feedback about the Arabic Arts Festival! Saturday’s Family Day went really well, thanks to everyone who came.

  2. BarbarascultureBlog. says :

    Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make it a success , these events take a great deal of planning.
    I aim to return this week to spend more time looking at the art exhibits.

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