Visitors to Liverpool.

Still thinking about Saturday!  I lost count of all the different nationalities of the visitors to the 08′ Place , Whitechapel. We had lots of Spanish and Mexican students , families from Spain, Australians, many visitors from the Arab communities who were paying Liverpool a visit during the ‘Arab Arts Festival’ A large number of people over from Ireland and of course lots of French and  German visitors. I enjoy chatting and giving leaflets and information about our City. I know I do a fair amount of boasting  TWO Cathedrals, TWO Tunnels, TWO Football Teams, plus all the other beautiful buildings , Museums, Art Galleries and today I could recommend the PLAYHOUSE  after seeing ‘THE RAGGED TROUSERED PHILANTHROPIST ‘  And of course one of my favourites, Afternoon Tea at the MARITIME Dinning Rooms. Many visitors are great BEATLES fans , today I met Henrick Enevoldsen from Denmark a frequent visitor to Liverpool ,who is very a knowledgeable fan of the Fab Four I enjoyed chatting to him about the 60’s and the music scene from way back then. Hello Henrik I hope you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you and your friends in August when you visit the Beatles Matthew Street Festival . Have a safe journey home.

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