Liverpool East Community Workers Forum.

Today at Dovecot MAC forty people came together to work for the good of the local community. Again I was impressed with the level of commitment . People care and it shows in their dedication to their particular charity or service. It must be satisfying to know that you can make a difference to the quality of life of the people you help. And Culture is the underlying theme ,today I read poems that women have written, women whose lives have been disrupted by Domestic Violence but who have managed with help to get their lives back on track and make a new start for themselves and their children. The work of ‘CHRYSALIS ‘ makes a difference in many ways.    The contacts made in these community forums benefit everyone . As I came away from Dovecot MAC I had a quick tour with Ann Marie and noticed through the window a story session going on in the Library, the children were all interacting and enjoying the session. I’m going for another visit on Tuesday to check out the good work see you then everyone. Thank you for an interesting morning.

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