Beatles Day – A Day in the Life (of Liverpool Uke Orchestra)

The band and I did our bit for charity this Saturday 10th July by doing a series of gigs for Beatles Day.

Motley Crew Uking outside 08 Place

Started at 11-00am in Zeligs opening the day. Met Julia Baird (John Lennons sister), and then off to the 08 Place for a bit of busking!!

Later did a gig at the Echo Arena and went down a storm!


Also gave an impromptu performance for the Liverpool Signing Choir….and they signed the words!!

If you get a chance to see the Liverpool Signing Choir then do so without hesitating. They are a wonderful choir made up of both hearing and hearing impaired kids and their rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone will reduce you to tears (even Evertonians).

Great day all round. Check it out next year if you are in town and sing along!

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