Yes , that’s right KEN  DODD  narrated ‘ A YOUNG PERSON’S GUIDE TO THE ORCHESTRA’ it was a brilliant partnership . The music was faultless and the choice inspired ,Carnival ,DVORAK and VARIATIONS on an original theme for orchestra, ELGAR  (Enigma).  After the interval  Ken  Dodd joined the orchestra on stage and it was a treat!  My 8 year great niece pronounced it “excellent” and her favourite instruments the HARP ( played by Maxine Molin Rose ) and the PERCUSSION . I have never seen such intense concentration as I did today on the faces of the young percussion section.  Bravo!  The musicians are described as amateur in the programme but there was nothing amateurish about their playing. Conductor and Musical Director Robert  Sellis must be a proud man tonight , and the funds raised are going to MERSEY KIDNEY RESEARCH – of which Ken Dodd is a Vice-president.   Look out for future concerts at  Good music, Good cause!

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