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Well howdy, y’all!

On Friday I returned to the welcoming arms of the Phil to watch Egypt’s answer to Elvis (that’s not a joke), Mohammed Mounir.  I was  LOVING it! It’s part of the Arabic Arts Festival that’s currently on-hope to investigate this more.

It was all in Arabic so of course I didn’t know what he was singing about at any point,  but by then I’d become a bit mesmerised by the infectious enthusiasm of the audience – they seemed to know every song in his set.

There was quite literally dancing in the aisles, which emphasised the culture difference even more as those of us who had clearly turned up on a whim expressed our approval with a barely perceptible head nod, as per usual. Still-wow! The band were really really good. I think that makes all the difference when you’re listening to music you’d never normally even consider giving your attention to. It was exotically brill! I like that the Phil always put on such a wide range of acts.


Did you know that there’s a Merseyside Skeptics Society? No, neither did I. I hope they have a special handshake. Anyway, I’ll be finding out on Thursday when I go to one of their events, Skeptics In The Pub (conveniently-where else would they be?) which involves a guest speaker, David Aaronovitch. He wrote a book about conspiracy theories (Diana’s death, 9/11, Rod Hull etc) and why we ever believed any of them in the first place.  Sounds like fun. If you aren’t convinced by my enthusiastic ramblings, just check out this picture of him off of the Merseyside Skeptics website. That look means business….


At some stage soon I’m hoping to check out some more comedy-this time at Comedy Central. Looking forward to that.

We (the other champions) will be involved with Four Corners 2010 next week which promises to be quite fun. More on that another day.

Farewell, my lovelies!

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2 responses to “Organised Scepticism”

  1. BarbarascultureBlog. says :

    Dancing in the aisles at the Phil ????? I don’t believe it!! :)

  2. Marsh says :

    We don’t have an official secret handshake, but I’m happy to make one up just for you, if you come along to the talk tonight!

    Merseyside Skeptics Society

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