PLANTATION PRIMARY HALEWOOD  Proudly Presents!  A Junior Production of Sweeney Todd.  From the Choir Years 3 and 4 , ‘Top’ juniors, Teachers and Headmaster the enthusiasm was infectious .   Teachers Mrs Hill and Mr Rostance took the leading characters of Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd They were on TOP Form and the ad-libbing only added to the fun. It’s great to see productions which include the staff and the children love it. Mike Storey Headmaster and former Lord Mayor took a different leading role ‘Guest Appearance’ as Queen Victoria and the audience  (and cast) absolutely loved it! His ad-libbings were hilarious. All the children were excellent and had lots of words to remember and it’s great to see the confidence that they gain as a result of their involvement in school musicals but I must mention Lewis Prior who played ‘Angelo’ his Italian accent was brilliant . Another triumph for Colin Porter Teacher/Musical Director. Thank you for inviting me to your show it was great!

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