If you went down to the park today….I had an assistant today checking out the Teddy bear’s picnic.  8-year-old Sofia and her 2-year-old brother went to Croxteth Hall today. I told her I needed a blog about it. Here  is her report; “Well first we went for a long walk down the path to get to the house. Then we met a lady who told us all about Healthy Eating like a story, we danced with a lady , she called me THE LITTLE  KITTY lady because I took my HELLO KITTY to the picnic and she said I was a very good dancer!   The music was from Brazil and other countries it was good. After that I planted spinach in a cup to take home and water and look after. Then we went on the swings and had a nice time. Thank you ladies at the park” !   ” Oh I forgot my brother took RaRa his Teddy to the picnic”    Sofia.  ‘My Comment,’  Thank you to Rosemary Hart who gave me all the info and leaflets to pass on. TUEBROOK  CHILDRENS CENTRE . SURE START. They had a lovely time,

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