coffee-fuelled rant…

Apparently David Cameron’s in town today. For those of you thinking I was about to use this as a platform to have a little political grumble, then fear not-I just thought I’d mention it! However if you are passing today and you’ve a few surplus tomatoes in your shopping basket….? I’m joking, of course, don’t do it kids. In fact as I write this I realise by now he’s probably gone anyway….

Just cycled through town spying all the graduates having their pictures taken in the sun. Tried to get myself in as many photos as possible, in the background. Apparently Brian May got an honorary doctorate from John Moores Uni this week. Wish I’d been around in order to shout something incredibly witty and original at him, probably to do with Anita Dobson….next time, May-next time!

The talk on conspiracy theories hosted by Merseyside Skeptics Society was really good and well worth it. I’ve included a photo so you can see how packed it was….

I  really like going to see people give talks – I suppose it’s because you can just switch off and let somebody else do the talking, no social skills required.

Anyway,  he covered a lot of stuff such as the moon landings (or lack thereof,  if you’re that way inclined), Marilyn Monroe/Kennedy and some weird anti-Semitic nonsense called the Protocols of Zion which makes the somewhat bold claim that Jewish people want to take over the world. How, you ask?  Via such ingeniously subtle tactics as making the film Meet the Parents. Some folk think that it’s  all about the suppression and eventual triumph of Jews, essentially a covert propaganda film.  Apparently. Who knew? I’m as baffled by that one as you probably are, but Diana was definately taken by aliens. Yep.

There’ll be future talks and social events from this lot so if it sounds up your street, have a look at their website.

Before I forget….

-I want to draw your attention to Watershed Comedy nights on Sunday nights at Envi in town. It’s a nice way of rounding off your weekend so go have a look.

-Another lecture this Thursday at Liverpool Uni.  I’m just into them at the moment! Terence Davies directed a film called Of Time and the City which was about his growing up in Liverpool in the 40’s and 50’s. There’s lots of really good shots of recognisable streets in it. Anyway, he’s been appointed an honorary professor at Liverpool Uni, hence the lecture. It’s free and open to the public but hurry up as tickets go fast.

-Bonk Street Theatre (best name ever) in Temple Court  are about to put on a sci-fi theatre production July 29-31. So far, so mysterious but it looks very silly indeed and I think it’ll be fun.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve enjoyed myself!

Yours sincerely,


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2 responses to “coffee-fuelled rant…”

  1. Paul Argent says :

    Krystal, What do you think of Phil Redmond’s idea of having volunteers to open museums in the evening? This is part of boy David’s big society.
    I have mixed views but am not necessarily against this. See my tweet baby!

    • Kristal says :

      it’s a weird one isn’t it. …I’m sceptical at the mo. I’m going to read your tweet now!

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