Saturday in Liverpool City Centre

Lots going on in Liverpool, Lots of Visitors. People from all over the world came into the  08 ‘ Place today, another busy Saturday. I love talking to these visitors to our city, and I am delighted when they give positive feedback. “The City is looking good” said a Liverpool born man who now lives down south, he had his family with him and was proudly showing them around. I had a chat with three Spanish guys who are having a great time and were off to Anfield do you believe they LOVE our weather , including the rain they thought it MORE comfortable for tourists????? There were Scouts from Holland who have been hiking round Wales (they were glad to be in Liverpool and it was sunny at the time) A couple from Melbourne (OZ) who were amazed at the variety of events available and a Family from Chile who wanted to “do all the Beatle trips”. A very varied  mix , very interesting  busy Day. I believe The Albert Dock was also very busy, one set of visitors were telling me about things that were going on there ,the beach and the pool they loved it ! I think I’ll pop over tomorrow and take a look after a second visit to the MARKET in WHITECHAPEL and LORD STREET.  I enjoyed a wander around today, street buskers added to the atmosphere with people buying food from the Spanish , French and other stalls .Tomorrow  I might indulge in the Chicken Paella. I have the BBC  Proms on T.V. while I am blogging, Sondheim’s 80th Birthday Celebration with the BBC Concert Orchestra . Sondheim’s music is clever but I don’t like an awful lot of it, must be an acquired taste (enjoyed the Phil at the Proms much more)  See you at the market tomorrow?

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  1. Paul Argent says :


    I was in the Albert Dock TIC yesterday, volunteering like you and we had visitors from all over the world. Brazil, Spain, France, Lithuania to name but a few. Even a nice lady from Kent who was amazed at the amount of things to do in our fair city.

    Made me feel good!

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