Sunday , a trip to city centre to the Markets was fun, Williamson Square with the stalls , the beach, the children’s Fairground rides was busy at that time in the afternoon when the sun was out and NO rain. The stalls around Whitechapel /Paradise St/ Lord St were quite crowded with lots of people tasting Spanish, French, German foods (All smelt delicious) didn’t get to taste any, we had not long had ‘brunch’ . The statues on each corner remind me of Malaga because that is where I first saw (human) statues ;quite entertaining I thought.  Before we left I went to see the CARNIVAL COSTUMES in a shop unit in ‘THE MET’ these are works of art in their own right. Vivid, sparkling, colorful with more sequins and feathers on than I have seen since the SAMBA schools parade in Liverpool.  The costumes are on show and the ladies are  decorating masks for the PRIDE carnival next weekend. The Liverpool Carnival Company are to lead the parade next week with the Samba dancers and Drummers,  it promises to be very lively!  Want more info?   e-mail:   or go to’ LIVERPOOL CARNIVAL 2010′ to join the facebook group . The group meet and have lessons (Samba and Band practice) Monday at the Black-E (next to the Chinese Arch)  I’m just happy to watch!


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