HOW CAN ANY ONE THINK OF WITHDRAWING FUNDING FROM OUR MUSEUMS ? Today I took Sofia (8) and Alexander (2) on a visit to the museum, they had a great time as did the hundreds of children (and adults)visiting. We went into the Planetarium and watched a presentation about the sun. It was so well done, pitched perfectly for little ones. Lots of interactive learning in the Plantastic Exhibition. I went when this exhibition first opened and wondered how it would stand up to all the poking, pushing , prodding from thousands of little hands,  I found out today , it’s doing very well thank you! They loved the BUG house and the Dinosaurs ,they coloured pictures and made door labels with sequins and bright paper shapes ,we had lunch in the cafe and then almost had to drag the children out after over 3 hours of non-stop fun (and learning). There are too many good reasons for not cutting funding and NOT one good reason for cuts, Lots of holiday/ playschemes  there today also foreign student groups, the excitement and anticipation evident in their faces. This would not be possible if entrance fees were charged. HANDS OFF OUR MUSEUM! is the message to the government.



  1. Paul Argent says :


    Open Culture are running a petition about this. I have pasted the link below if you are interested.

    We should campaign against any Museum closures but I think that there things that we should consider. For example, foreign tourists are amazed that there is no charge. Most European museums charge. I think that charges for UK citizens should not apply but maybe they should for tourists?

    I feel a blog coming on!!

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