Another Spectacular weekend of Fun!

WOW  !  What a weekend we have to look forward to. On The Waterfront has another exciting fun packed weekend for us . Today lots of people were working hard preparing , setting up for the events. It was like an instant town sprung up, tents , cabins, changing rooms down at the Pierhead. A huge crane (280 ft) high will play a major role in the performance of  ‘VOALA’ an Argentinean arial troupe.  Tour Manager Nicole Dittmar gave me the lowdown on this fantastic group of performers, 8 persons to perform in the air, 3 Musicians/ Singers, a Director, Production crew 16 people in total will bring a magical experience to Liverpool this weekend. I was spellbound and that was without costumes ,lights etc. Watching the rehearsal was an experience. Wait for the actual performance!  It will be a unforgetable combination of Ariel Acrobatics, Music, Song , Mime and to coin a phrase ‘poetry  in motion’. The talented performers flew in to Liverpool today at midday and went straight into action . Warm ups, stretching, jogging to prepare themselves for the very strenuous performance. Last week they wowed the crowds in Canada, this week Liverpool then off to Spain and France a truly professional and international cast of performers.  Don’t miss them , I won’t!  See you at the weekend.

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