I said we were in for a great weekend ( I was right)  of music and dance, also performances from VOALA the Argentinian Aerial Company and it  all kicked off tonight with The Liverpool Samba School and Drummers. A lively exhibition of rhythm and colour, exotic costumes and gorgeous girls with figures to die for !  Next on the bill  , Liverpool Band 6 Toys (I swear I counted 7)  great music, good mix of instruments and lots of energy appreciated by the crowds. And finally a very dramatic ,astonishing , airborne show from ‘Voala’ , 8 very fit artistes who wowed the crowd with their display of beautifully choreographed ‘dancing in space’  swinging out over the crowds suspended on wires. tonight it all came together in an exciting blend of music, movement, lights, costumes and performers.  The very mixed crowd of all ages and nationalities showed their appreciation with great enthusiasm. Get down to the Waterfront for a great weekend of music,dance and fun.  It’s a must do.!  All courtesy of Liverpool City Council.

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