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Saturday will be the first time I’ll get to attend the On The Waterfront event at the Pier Head.

If you have a look at the website there’s a little video of all the goings-on so far….looks like it’s been really really fun. Gutted I missed whatever was going on with that robot! Plus there’s a show on demonstrating lots of parkour-based dance. You know, people running up walls and over rooftops and that.  It’s how I usually get to work….

Can’t believe we’re into August already-where’s this year going eh? Seems with this weather especially, that we’re staring straight down the barrel of Autumn. It only adds to the sense that my life seems to be galloping past me at light speed…which is why it’s so important to pepper your existence with lots of distractions and nice things to do I think. With this in mind, I thought I’d point out some fun stuff which has been brought to my attention for the forthcoming month or so. Have a look, see if any of it floats your boat!

Liverpool Pride Festival

Aside from all the waterfront shenanigans, the Pride Festival’s on around Dale St tomorrow at 2pm. It starts with a big march and lunchtime and then there’ll be loads of performance including Burlesque, bands, drag acts, acoustic sets and an abundance of blues/jazz singers from what I can see. You can download the programme for the entire weekend from the link above.  Oh, and if I tell you that ex-Coronation Street ‘hottie’ Adam Rickett will be performing there, I’m sure that’ll be enough of a draw. No? Philistines!

Sunday: more relaxed with some exhibitions and films at various venues around town and a sports day in Wavertree Athletics Centre.

The Toulouse Lautrec exhibition finishes this weekend, so if you haven’t seen it already, get over to the Walker. I’m going Saturday morning with a lovely hangover so I’ll probably end up buying enough posters to wallpaper my bedroom.

Superfunk Roller Disco is back on 4th September at the Guild. Student bar, old school roller boots for hire, lots of people wearing visors and skating around drunk….it’s almost too good to be true. It can’t go on indefinitely as someone’s bound to lose a limb this way,  so experience it now before it becomes less fun! (they ban the booze element). For the aforementioned reasons, it’s adults only.

Anyone off to the MOBO awards in October? Alas, tried and failed to blag myself some tickets but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s planning on going.

Speaking of the arena, part of me wants to go see the Doctor Who Live show that’s coming to town, purely on the basis of the picture they’re using to promote it which made me laugh and laugh. I only watched the show for Tennant but I did think it was quite good and this’ll probably be really fun! But scary, if you’re under ten (or me).

I’m planning on hitting the theatres this Autumn to see  lots of new plays and hopefully lots of music but I’ll tell you  more about those nearer the time. Going to be a busy girl!

Hope y’all have fun this weekend! Make sure you get out and see the city-screw the rain!

Must go…have had a face pack on this entire time and I need to go locate a wallpaper scraper now.


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  1. barbarascultureblog says :

    Hi Kristal, It was great wasn’t it ? Down at the Waterfront….really lively , I forgot to mention the street performers, did you see them , so funny . We have such a lot to look forward to in Liverpool.

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