Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!!

Liverpool Beach

Liverpool One Beach!

How brilliant is the Beach and fair at Liverpool One? One lady I spoke to said  “Who needs to go on holiday when we’ve got everything we could possibly want here!”

She’s right aswell-well apart from the weather the last few days!-but hey the spirit and vibrancy around the city more than makes up for a bit of rain!

What with the Helter-skelter, the Donkey rides, the Carousel, and various musical artists popping up around every corner for our daily entertainment, Liverpool has pretty much got it all! Enjoy!!!

One response to “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!!”

  1. Paul Argent says :


    I was in town at the weekend and it had a real holiday atmosphere as you say. There was a cruise ship in and the passengers were wondering across the city really adding to the atmosphere.

    It’s really lovely to hang around the city centre these days. Not just to shop but to take in all the other activities.

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