They eat Ham and Jam and SPAM-A-LOT!!

You know you’ve seen a good show when the entire audience leave the building smiling and singing one of the very catchy tunes.  Since leaving The Empire on Saturday night, I have certainly Had “Always look on the Bright Side of Life” in my head!

I am part of  SingLive a singing group who do concerts in Liverpool.  We did a medley of the hilarious songs from SPAMALOT, in a concert earlier this year and ever since then I have wanted to see the show.  I was really looking forward to it and was certainly not disappointed!!

It’s hard to believe that Monty Python’s Holy Grail was first seen in 1975.  This show adapted for theatre had all the energy, absurdity, and irony of the original but cleverly incorporated some modern and up-to-date references. It followed the tale of King Arthur (Marcus Brigstocke) as he rounded up his Knights, and went off in search of the Holy Grail.  Many of the characters you would expect were there, including the Killer rabbit,  an appearance by Eric Idle as God, and my particular fave, the brilliant Not Dead Fred (David Langham).  I’ve not been able to stop singing “I am not dead yet”- which can understandably get rather an odd reaction from anyone who doesn’t know where it comes from!!

The music throughout the show was catchy and fast-moving. The scenery and costumes suitably colourful and bright. The mainly male cast were  obviously having fun, and the performances without exception were all good.  Todd Carty was adorable as the King’s faithful Patsy, excellent at coconut clapping, and he surprised me with his dancing and nimble-footed high kicks!  The Knights of the Round table  certainly did “dance when e’er they’re able” and all were flamboyant,witty and entertaining. Who can forget the Las Vegas style show tune as  Sir Lancelot “in tight pants a lot” gets to express his true self.

The last night of any show is often the chance for a bit of ad-libbing by the cast. On Saturday we were treated to some of this. The Knights that say ‘Ni’ became the Knights that sang the first verse of  ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey!’-this went down a storm with the audience, and we applauded even more when King Arthur  made a valiant attempt at repeating it and created his own unique version!

The Lady of the Lake had been played all week by Jodie Prenger.  On Saturday however we were treated to the talents of Haley Tamaddon in this role and she was Fantastic!! She understood her character well and was very likeable in this clever role. Her singing and dancing matched the skill she showed in winning Dancing on Ice, is there nothing she can’t do well?  (In the foyer before the show I noticed Holly Oaks actor and Haley’s fellow Dancing on Ice finalist Kieron Richardson, who had obviously come to cheer his mate along.)

If this show comes back to Liverpool I would certainly go and see it again and would recommend it to others.  Any fan of Monty Python would enjoy it, but also anyone who just wants a fun night out.  Quirky it definitely is, witty , controversial and ironic as well, but then I would not have expected anything less!!


3 responses to “They eat Ham and Jam and SPAM-A-LOT!!”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    This is a great review!!! I wish I’d gone to see it now!!

    Will defo catch it next time it’s in town.

    • beckyincultureland says :

      Thanks Paul, I’m glad I got my enthusiasm across.

      Defo do see it next time around!!

  2. Jenster says :

    Oh, wow – what a fabulous review! I’m gutted I missed it now! (Though thanks to you, at least I almost feel like I was there!)

    Fingers crossed that the show returns…I’ll be the first in line!

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