Picasso everywhere!

'Pop-up' performers

I walked out of John Lewis in Liverpool One yesterday afternoon and almost bumped into a very still man in a stripy T.Shirt.

There was an air of excitement all round with people laughing, pointing, running round taking photos with cameras and phones.  I quickly realised there were lots of these figures standing in various locations on all levels of the shopping centre. They each held a different pose but were dressed in the same hat and T.Shirt. It was fascinating to see the performers close up, and the reaction they received from passers by. We had no idea why they were there!

When the figures had been still for ages, they suddenly all started heading downstairs to a central point in Liverpool One. As each person got there they linked into a group formation and were finally joined by the last of the group, who came carrying a pile of something high above her head.  They all wrapped around her forming a huddle so none of their faces could be seen and there was silence. Then suddenly, with a shout, they burst out of the grouping and ran fast away in all different directions through the crowds

The reaction from people was hilarious! Some of the audience screamed. Some just laughed and others looked really puzzled. Lots however, including me, went over to pick up a leaflet from the pile which was left on the ground.  It turned out to be the flyer for the Late at Tate PARTY POLITICAL- a free event Thursday 19th Aug 6-9pm at the TATE.  It also mentioned we should look out for more ‘pop-up’ performances featuring picasso around the city.

As advertising I thought it was Genius!-it certainly captured everyone’s imagination.  But I think there was more to it than just that. There was definitely a team amongst the crowds, taking photos  and films of audience reaction to the performance. I imagine it is some kind of ongoing interactive art-piece and if it is, I’d certainly like to see the final result!

Picasso Huddle.

To me it was another brilliant example as well, of  what a vibrant and exciting place Liverpool is right now.  You never know what to expect at the mo, you can become part of something artistic and cultural, even when you’re just on a little shopping trip!


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