Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

Helen and Dan rehearsing

Well, on a rather wet Tuesday this week, Romeo turned out to be in the Jacobs Cracker factory, social club in Walton!  This is where I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview and watch a bit of the rehearsals for the fabulous Romeo and Juliet. Being staged in ALT VALLEY at the Croxteth Fire station 26th-28th Aug, it will be a spectacular event where the audience move round to watch the drama unfold. I’ve been eagerly watching progress from the start. It is now only a week away and I can’t wait to see how it’s going!!!

WOW! Is all I can say!!!!

Romeo (Danyel Roberts) and Juliet (Helen Webster) were going through the famous balcony scene. I was blown away with their obvious talent and passion, word-perfect and captivating even at this stage.  I just know that the actual show is going to be AMAZING!!!

Meeting some of the cast, it is clear to see that they are all loving every minute of it as well. As a community project, it was open to all, and many auditioned for parts. The Director, Neil Caple, has made a point of wanting to involve everyone who has shown interest, and I’m sure this has not been an easy task. The people I met, obviously see what a great opportunity they have been given. They are all clearly putting heart and soul into it, and have developed a strong bond.

Phil, Mico and me.

Phil McGuiness (Mercutio) and Mico Simonde (Benvolio) are excited by the challenge of their roles. Both have very different previous experiences. Mico has studied the language of Shakespeare and performed in Richard III at university.  For Phil, who has a dream to play Dr Who, this is his first time tackling Shakespeare. While initially daunted by the language, he now says he has got so much from this experience, and learned so much from watching Mico and the other actors, he has been inspired to want to do more. They may both, one day, be joining the Royal Shakespeare Company or even better, set up their own unique scouse version together!-How fab if that happened!-go for it guys!!

Danyel, Helen and me.

Juliet is Helen Webster’s dream role! Having been “obsessed” with the film and loving the play so much that she wrote her disertation on it!- she is so excited to have this chance and says she has known since for-ever that acting is all she ever wants to do.

Romeo is Danyel’s first lead role, having done a bit of previous tv and Liverpool based projects. He lives so local he can walk to the rehearsals “great unless it’s raining like today!” He comments how good it is being part of such a fantastic project in the local area. And tells me that it feels like a mix between movie and theatre with the different areas of staging and fabulous scenery ( I cant wait!!)

The sense of community and belonging in this project is very apparent. I felt so welcome and included even in the short space of time. The energy and excitement is infectious and I honestly did not want to leave!! Though I only got a brief chance to chat to him, Neil  told me he is pleased with how well things are going. He is obviously doing a great job, and it is shaping up to be a spectacular event. If you haven’t booked a FREE place to see it yet, do it now before you miss the chance!!

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