Mathew Street Festival

Some art blogs and arty types look down their nose at this festival but I for one think it’s great.

It’s free!

It takes over the whole city centre!

Some of the suburbs join in (there is a Beatles tribute band outside the barber shop on Penny lane this weekend)!

We all know the songs so can join in!

As well as the Beatles based stuff there is a fringe festival going on with bands from all over playing their own music – the Parr St area is the place to go for this. Look out for The Winchesters playing at the Zanzibar on Saturday.

And of course…….ladies and gentlemen I give you the hardest working band in showbusiness….The Liverpool Ukulele Orchestra playing at Zeligs in Liverpool One at 4-30pm on Monday 30th August!!

So go on, put some flowers in your hair and pretend it’s the summer of love and get down to town and just enjoy yourself without thinking too hard about it!

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