Wow! Shakespeare among the Fire Engines!!

Well, as I knew it would be, the opening night of Romeo and Juliet at Croxteth Fire Station last night, was a fabulous success!!

After months of planning, auditions, rehearsals and tons of community spirit, Shakespeare’s tragic love story came to life in magnificent style!  Hundreds of us in the audience were grateful of the rain-free evening as we sat outside and watched the story unfold. We moved around following the action as it progressed with fabulous scenery, to locations like the ‘Capulets Cappucino’ coffee shop, Juliet’s bedroom and Friar Lawrences cell.  It was a modern-scouse adaptation, with an unexpected clever twist in the costumes and dance-routine.

The Liverpudlian actors all gave 100% and I was particularly proud of the cast members I met last week who all excelled themselves. Stand-outs for me include the Nurse (Elyn Kennedy) who gave a funny, touching, thoughtful performance. Juliet (Helen Webster) whose deep knowledge and love of the role shone through, and proved that she really was born to play the part. Benvolio (Mico Simonde) was impressive, powerful and commanding in his role. While Mercutio (Phil McGuiness) had great expression, high energy and wit which had the audience laughing out loud.  All had mastered the language well, and it very much suited the scouse accent.

The community atmosphere and enthusiasm for the project was very clear to see.  Even the fire-engines got involved in the performance!  With free entry, and free buffet in the interval it was an amazing achievement all round. Everyone I spoke to was highly impressed and full of compliments. It was lovely to see so many local Alt Valley people taking part and also coming along to enjoy the performance and support all the hard work that has gone on.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved! It is a triumph!!There was great excitement at the end of the show and there are still more performances to go. If you haven’t booked your place don’t miss out!!!  You may be in luck if you just turn up Saturday 28th 2.30pm or 7.30pm. Check their website for further information.  Wrap up warm if you do go though, because the night especially did get a tad chilly!!

I enjoyed it so much I’m going again on Saturday afternoon so I might see you there!!Enjoy!!!

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