Beatles Festival 2010

What an amazing weekend. I am so proud to be a Scouser. from the Peace , love & Understanding celebration within the Anglican cathedral’s Words of Peace from John Lennon to the Lady Gaga on the Main Tunnel stage on Monday, and every thing in between; A big thank you to all the bands, entertainers and exceptional event planners, for making this a festival to remember. Liverpool women, as ever, shone with class and are truly the ambassadors for our great City. From age 1 to 90 they dress with such individual style and do us all proud… I spoke to a number of international visitors over the 3 days and the theme that constantly comes up is how fab the woman of liverpool are, with their warmth, helpfulness and style. on top of an exciting City , Blue sky, Fab bands and wonderful atmosphere a truly cosmopolitan heavenly place to be -LIVERPOOL

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Scotland Road,homegrown Girl.Wife,Mother and Grandmother. Two dogs,one Cat. I work for Rotunda one of the Oldest and greatest Community colleges in liverpool. I'm the Volunteer Coordinator for Rotunda and Love my Job, as no two days are ever the Same. I recently became the First Community Cultural Champion For City and North.

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  1. barbarascultureblog says :

    I missed the Mathew Street Festival but believe it or not ‘ The Beatles ‘ and the Festival were mentioned at a show in Spain on the Saturday. The cabaret artiste sang and played a whole set of “his favourite” Beatle songs obviously a huge fan , as he did them justice. It’s good to know it all went off well.

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