Shackleton Exhibition – Maritime Museum Liverpool

Dropped in on this exhibition today, 31st August. It is really a collection of photographs taken by Frank Hurley who was the photographer with Shackleton on his ill fated attempt to cross the Antarctic continent in 1914.

Although the exhibition is mainly about the fantastic leadership of Shackleton and his amazing crew, the photography is absolutely stunning. Anyone who has any interest in photography should be encouraged to go to this.

James Francis (Frank) Hurley was an Australian whose toughness and dedication to his art meant that he would do almost anything to get the right picture. He swam in freezing Antarctic waters to rescue film that had fallen overboard!

Sadly we don’t seem to see these sort of brave, tough, cultured and dedicated people in public life these days (I think that Health and Safety would ban these people now!).

The story told in these pictures is moving and haunting. The pictures of the huskies really show the affection the men had for these creatures. Also, the pictures of the trapped ship Endurance really capture the doomed beauty of this sailing ship. The shot taken at night is particularly atmospheric.

Well done to the Maritime Museum for bringing this exhibition to Liverpool. This is not just a nautical show but a great tribute to a wonderful artist, Frank Hurley.

Endurance: Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure.

Merseyside Maritime Museum until 3rd January 2011 – admission free

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