Dance magic, dance!

So I see that FACT are showing Labyrinth this Sat at 3pm and 6.30pm

If ever another man managed to somehow pull off wearing jodhpurs and a back-combed mullet the way Bowie does, I’ll eat my hat. The secret schoolgirl crush of many a contemporary.  I mean, look at him!!! Perhaps his appeal’s a bit niche but I was well jealous of that Jennifer whatserface.

Anyway, they also have a film comp going at the minute, in that you can submit a film to be shown at the mini film festival in November.  It just has to be less than 15 minutes long. Even if you just mucked about with a camera, it’d be fun to see what you’d made on the big screen. Technically, I’m still cross with FACT for showing ‘Human Centipede’ but I guess I’ll get over it and they do put some good stuff on.

Over and out!

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